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How The Wave Forms in Chandler's Wobble Drive The Tectonic Plates, Create The Major Tectonic Features Of The Earth, And Produce Seismic, Volcanic, El Nino, Global Warming, & Periodic Pole Shift Phenomena.

It is all linked, all created by the ceaselessly changing
location of the spin axis of the Earth and the constantly pulling forces of the Moon and the Sun.  That's It!

For a complete collection of one hundred megs of databases, graphs, summaries, articles, and discussions about the correlations which establish and prove Vortex Tectonics, see Vortex Tectonics On CDROM

For a quick set of proofs which established Vortex Tectonics, see EIGHT CHARTS , which reveal that polar motion is the tectonic engine which creates earthquakes, volcanoes, El Nino, and global warming.

For predictions made using the principles of Vortex Tectonics, see Vortex Predictions.

For a complete statement of the principles of Vortex Tectonics and how the dynamics work, see: "An Outline Of The Principles Of Vortex Tectonics" (10 page easy read in PDF format).

"Vortex Tectonics:   The Primary Factors Which Govern Earth Dynamics" (36 pages in PDF format with 22 charts of the prime correlations between the movement in the location of the spin axis and El Nino, earthquake, and volcanic activity).

For a quick summary overview about the motions of the spin axis on a webpage, see Background On Chandler's Wobble

For  background on the measuring of the motion of the pole since the beginning of the 20th century see Chapter 36   in "The Prophecies".

For discussion of many of the key ideas of Vortex Tectonics, see  "The Prophecies", especially chapters

See also Chapter 48, "The Phoenix Paradigm" for the quickest broadest overall summary of how  polar motion works, what creates periodic avalanches of the crust (pole shift phenomenon), and the correlations in archeological and geological data which reveals the phenomenon.