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Major Scientific Findings & Discoveries

By Michael Wells Mandeville 1996-2001

  1. PROOF OF CLAIRVOYANT POWERS. A 20th century clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, was validated with hard scientific scores which were generated by exacting empirical methods. A variety of samples of his predictions were proven to have an accuracy of 84% to 96% with an overall average accuracy of 92% for some 250 predictions given over a period of nearly 20 years about objective long term historical events, trends, and scientific concepts. For the first time, Mandeville rigorously demonstrated the power and scope of clairvoyant faculties by using scientific methods and established Edgar Cayce as the world’s only objectively validated clairvoyant with an established level of confidence for his statements. Many of the predictions (by Cayce) were about events and circumstances long after or before the clairvoyant’s life and many of them were about descriptions and concepts which could not be guessed and could not even be verified until some 20 to 40 years after the clairvoyant’s death.

  2. THE PRIMARY ENGINE FOR TECTONIC ACTIVITY IN THE EARTH IS CHANDLER’S WOBBLE. The gravity vectors of the Sun and the Moon combine with the Earth’s (collectively the EMS system) to induce a chattering in the spinning of the Earth’s crust. This chattering, known as Chandler’s Wobble, keeps the spin axis of the Earth (the North and South Poles) in constant motion and causes it to move in a small circle around an average point which slowly drifts. The size of the circle of motion varies from 1.5 to 15 meters in a 6.5 year cycle which Mandeville named the Primary Axis Cycle. This constant variation in the motion of the crust causes the opposite sides of the Earth’s crust to continuously expand and contract against each other. This forces a continual process of shape-shifting (alteration of the Earth’s shape primarily in the equatorial zone) in accordance with the 6.5 cycle. As the size of the circle of motion increases, greater and greater expansion and contraction forces are exerted on the tectonic plates (continents) of the Earth and these forces increase the relative motions of the continents. The results include continental drift, earthquakes, volcanism, most mountain building, and most of the major structural features of the Earth.

  3. EARTHQUAKE AND VOLCANIC ACTIVITY IS INDUCED BY THE MOTION OF THE SPIN AXIS. The occurrence of both earthquakes and volcanic activity directly and obviously correlate to the motions and locations of the pole as it chatters through the 14 month and 6.5 year cycles of Chandler’s Wobble. The waveforms created by these cycles (defined as the X and Y Waves) in Chandler’s wobble directly induce earthquakes and volcanic activity and this fact in principle makes possible the prediction of the most probable "windows" for major seismic activity for any area. Mandeville demonstrated this finding with a large number of charts and graphs which correlated earthquake and volcanic activity in various parts of the Earth with the X & Y Waves in Chandler’s Wobble.

  4. EL NINO IS DIRECTLY INDUCED BY THE 6.5 YEAR PRIMARY AXIS CYCLE IN CHANDLER’S WOBBLE. Correlations of the last 100 years of volcanic activity with plots of the motion of the North Pole (the X Wave Plots) and the years of the El Nino weather syndrome (ENSO) conclusively demonstrate strong relationships. The rhythm of volcanic activity in major arcs and groups of volcanoes directly reflects the tempo of the Primary Axis Cycle. The El Nino (ENSO) phenomenon parallels the rhythm of volcanic activity and it usually commences at the same cyclical moment in the repeat upswing of the 6.5 year Primary Axis Cycle. Accordingly, in principle, the El Nino onset periods are predictable. More probable than not, the ENSO weather pattern is caused by the motion of the crust relative to the axis. As the crust moves over the North Spin Axis, the resulting contractions and expansions on opposite sides in the crust of the Earth in the equatorial zone increase or decrease the flux of volcanic heat into the great rift cracks on the bottoms of the oceans. The increase in heat increases the temperature of the ocean water to produce El Nino. The decrease in heat induces La Nina.

  5. ANOMALOUS 50 YEAR TREND OF INCREASE IN TECTONIC ACTIVITY. The current progressive movement of the average location of the spin axis (at a rate of 10.8 cm per year) since ~1900 appears to be inducing a major escalation of earthquake activity and volcanism. The number of earthquakes has increased by a factor of at least 4 times during the past 50 years and the total number of active volcano days per year has also risen by about 4 times. This implies that the current drift in the location of the pole is not historically normal and demonstrates an increased level of imbalance in the spin mass of the Earth.

  6. THE "GLOBAL WARMING" PHENOMENA IS DIRECTLY CAUSED BY UNDERWATER VOLCANISM. The geophysical record is clear, as seismic and volcanic levels have increased, global warming has increased. The evidence of coupling to human activity and so-called greenhouse gases remains very weak, inconclusive, and politically controversial, primarily because of the non-linear relationships between the variables. However, there is a direct, simple, observable, linear connection between the huge increase in volcanism and the growing "global warming" symptoms.

  7. VORTEX TECTONICS PARADIGM FOR EARTH DYNAMICS. Correlations between earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the motion of the spin axis establish and prove the basis for a new paradigm of Earth dynamics which Mandeville named "Vortex Tectonics". It is a superior paradigm for explaining the dynamics in the Earth which have created the various geological features and propel the steadily moving tectonic plates of the continents and the ocean bottoms. In one sentence, vortex tectonics is the finding that most motions of the crust, both as a unitary shell and as individual continental plates, are induced directly but complexly from the relationships between the Sun and the orbital motions of the Moon and the whole Earth. Additional motion is induced by the solar flux and the forcing of "centrifugal balance" by the Earth’s own spin.. This paradigm provides an entirely new basis for doing geology, geophysics, volcanology, seismology, and climatology. In principle, both volcanic and earthquake activity in aggregate is regularly predictable within vortexian "windows". In the same way that plate tectonics succeeded static geology because of a superior grasp of the breadth of geological phenomena, vortex tectonics will be adapted because it consistently and comprehensively explains how plate tectonics in fact works. The new paradigm will ultimately succeed because it provides a basis for predicting major occurrences of tectonic activity, a power which eluded 20th century science and the types of geological reasoning which were prevalent during the last few decades.

  8. A RADICAL CHANGE IN CHANDLER’S WOBBLE. Beginning in December 1999, the Primary Axis Cycle has undergone a progressive change which is apparently altering the phase, amplitude, and shape of Chandler’s Wobble. All computer predictions of the location of the spin axis for 90 days into the future have become progressively more and more in error. The motion of the axis has become progressively less circular and more elliptical. On graph plots of the motion of the pole, energy has been transferred out of the X direction of motion (up and down Greenwich Meridian) and into the Y direction of motion (up and down Longitude West 90). The Earth’s crust appears to be moving more and more in a back and forth bobbing motion than in its normal circular motion. This is most likely a sign of increasing instability in the spin motion and location of the axis of the Earth.

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Resources & References:

For the validations and compilations of Edgar Cayce’s predictions, see all three books in the trilogy of the "Return of the Phoenix" by Michael Wells Mandeville. Sample chapters and information about how to obtain the books can be seen at http://www.michaelmandeville.com/phoenix/trilogy/rptrilogyfront.htm

For a summary of the Phoenix Paradigm, which combines geological evidence and Cayce’s comments to interpret ancient myths, see "The Phoenix Paradigm", MW Mandeville, MetaSyn Media, 2000, 23 pgs.


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For on-going discussions related to vortex tectonics and the current transformations which are underway in Chandler’s Wobble, subscribe to the Earth Change Bulletins (newsletter on the internet) by sending a blank email message to earthchange-bulletins-subscribe@egroups.com

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For a general discussion of the significance of Mandeville’s discoveries to the issues related to El Nino weather forecasting and the debate about global warming, see "Press Release: Arizona Scientist Announces Major New Findings To Explain El Nino & Global Warming" which can be downloaded at http://www.michaelmandeville.com/polarmotion/pr4Oct2000_findings.pdf

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