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How To Obtain A Password To The Gallery


It is very simple.

1.  If you have previously subscribed with a paid subscription to the Earth Changes Bulletin & Ebooks during at any time since 2005-2007, you may go to the Ebooks section and click on the URL under "Gallery Password".  Follow the instructions and tell your computer to remember the User ID and Password for the Gallery site.

2.  If you previously subscribed as in (1) above and cannot remember your password or ID, write to: mwm at michaelmandeville dot com, replacing at with @ and dot with a period and contracting them all into one email addy.  You know this drill, it is necessary to defeat robo email addy harvesters.  Subject:  Need Gallery Access. Make sure you have the subject there so my email spam attack dogs will not rip your email into little pieces.  Make sure the  subject is correct because only those  exact keywords will be filtered into an email box I will check.

3. If you have not previously subscribed, you may do so by click here to OBTAIN A SUBSCRIPTION.  Please note that the ebook for Book Three of the Return of the Phoenix is not available.  The material in the Gallery is the scientific basis of the final conclusions which are Book Three and this is now under final editing.

4.  If you previously subscribed before 2005 and would like a peek at the material, please write to the email addy above and put into the Subject:  Want A Peek.

5.  If you are an established member of the scientific community and would like to offer your candid assessment of the work and potential assistance in obtaining professional peer review status for appropriate portions of the work, please write to the above email addy. Subject:  Science Review

6.  If you are a member the Press, sorry, not quite ready for publication.  Send me an email and I will send you a publication notice and access when the time is right.




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