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Gallery Overview Outline

Climate & Global Warming  |  Cosmos-Planets  |  Earth's Wobble  |  Earthquakes  |  Humanity

 Solar Activity  |  Tectonics  |  Volcanism 

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Earth Changes Gallery:  Charts, Graphs, & Images

There are nine main Storyboards in the Gallery which tell through many graphs, charts, and pictures the story of how the Earth is molded and sculpted by vast cosmic forces through time, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly, and occasionally even catastrophically.   Eight tell the story of Earth, a ninth tells the story of humanity.  Beginning even far back into antiquity, human activities can be seen to have had profound effects upon the climate and living systems of the Earth, thus it is impossible to exclude the story of humanity from the story of the Changes In The Earth.


The Storyboards are composed primary of graphs and charts which display primary  cycles of activity, ranging from those in the Solar System and the orbits of the Planets and Earth's Moon to the tectonic and climate cycles which govern the biosphere and dominate the ebb and flow of human history.  A running narrative introduces the graphs and ties many of them together to show the logic of how the cosmic flux and the Earth interact to unfold the never-ending  Changes In The Earth.


Here are the individual storyboards which collectively comprise the entire Earth Changes Gallery.  The list is provided in alphabetical order and each storyboard conceptually stands alone with its own portfolio of images and graphs.  Thus one can begin anywhere in any of the storyboards and begin to gain a vision of how the Earth actually works.


However, the best beginning to the story of the Earth is in the Earthquake Storyboard.


Earthquake trends provide the core evidence of long term tectonic trends which are accelerating the pace of change in the Earth.  Earthquake trends and activity patterns directly parallel hurricane cycles, El Nino and the other oceanic climate oscillations which so profoundly affect continental climate patterns, and, not least, the acceleration of global earthquake activity directly matches the the current round of Global Warming.   All these phenomenon, as will be seen in an army of graphs, are directly shaped by the cosmic (orbital) frame of Earth's celestial environment. 


As will be seen then, though the patterns of Earth's snaps, crackles, and pops,  something "cosmic" creates the "beat" for the changes in the Earth.  Many would guess it is the Sun.  But as the storyboards unfold, a different protagonist will often be spotted moving and shaping the behavior of the Earth.  Earthquakes often ARE its footsteps. Accordingly, the story behind the Storyboards and the Gallery begins best with earthquakes.  The discussion of the graphs and trends which are displayed in this portion of the Gallery begins the development of the themes and paradigms which integrate the Gallery, prove Edgar Cayce's long range psychic predictions, and develop step by step the concepts of a new paradigm, "Vortex Tectonics", for understanding dynamics and physical evolution of the Earth.



 Most of the explanatory text in the storyboards are still in rough draft form and thus are not yet available publicly.  At this time the links will not work for external viewers using the webserver.   When they are ready to be shown, most will be available only to subscribers.  There is ONE NOTABLE EXCEPTION to this policy.  Part of the storyboard on Earthquakes will always be available to the public.  Because it is the core evidence of the true story of the "changes in the Earth", and provides the most directly objective means to debunk the mythology of carbon dioxide as the culprit which causes "Global Warming", it is best that this material be widely available for all of humanity.  However, at this early stage, this is not useful.  THE EARTHQUAKE STORYBOARD WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE GALLERY BUT IT IS THE LAST ONE TO BE EDITED INTO A PRESENTABLE STORY.  DOZENS OF GRAPHS OF TRENDLINES ARE SHOWN WITH A MINIMUM OF EXPLANATION.  SOME PROFOUNDLY NEW AND RADICAL FINDINGS CAN BE FOUND IN THESE GRAPHS, WHICH CANVASS ALL THE PRIMARY TECTONIC ZONES.  Some of the most obvious findings are tersely stated. There are many others which I have not yet defined on paper which help inform me about how the Phoenix Earth is moving into its take-off pattern.  When I have completed doing so, I will have finished the verifications of Edgar Cayce's work and the copy for some radically totally rewritten chapters in Book Three of the Phoenix Trilogy.


Before finishing this copy for both the Book and the Storyboard, I have decided to open all these graphs on the Earthquake Storyboard to all those who read the Phoenix Five Earth Changes Bulletin.  Those who are patiently waiting for Book Three will have the opportunity to help write this chapter in Book Three, or at least to shape its content and color.   As you will see, you will be mostly on your own staring at wiggles and jigglies in dozens of graph.  This is semi-raw science at its best and it took me several months to learn how to compose these graphs competently with full knowledge of what is actually in the databases which provide the numbers displayed by the graphs.   YOUR QUEST is to tell me the most important few things which you can find in the charts.  Which of these charts works the best for you, reveals the most important relationships? Since I must limit the number of these graphs in the Phoenix Trilogy to less than one half dozen, or preferably down to about four, I would like you also to tell me which graphs, other than the Global 4 Plus Trend 1973-2007, should be in the Return of the Phoenix. 


Earthquakes Storyboard -- Trends and correlations in world earthquake activity


Now below is the outline of the complete Gallery.  The Table Of Contents (link in the top panel of this web page) details all the storyboard. (eventually it will)


Climate - Short and Long Term Climate Oscillations, the ENSO (El Nino, La Nina & Other Oscillations),  Interaction with Wobble Cycles & Trends, Interaction with Solar Activity Cycles, How & Why The Trends We Can Observe In The Cosmic Flux Tell Us What Global Warming Is and Is Not.


The Climate Storyboard is divided into three separate galleries:

Ocean Climate Cycles (ranging from a few years to a few decades)


Orbital & Long Term Climate Cycles (ranging from from several years to a few hundred thousand years)                             


Global Warming - The World Trend and The Debates

Cosmos & Planets  - How the Saros Cycle of the Moon sculpts the surface of the Earth and how the synchronicities in the orbits of the planets shapes the Solar Activity Cycle and many climate cycles ranging from 20 years to 400 years.


Earth's Wobble  - AKA Chandler Wobble or Chandler's Wobble; the polar motion charts, the Seven Year Wobble Cycle, the correlations with Solar Activity and Climate Change Trends


Solar Activity  - Sunspots, impacts on the Wobble, Earth, Climate, Humans, etc


Tectonics - How Plate Tectonics is completed by Vortex Tectonics which explains the mechanisms of motion in the Earth's crust.

Earthquakes -- Trends and correlations in world earthquake activity


Volcanism-- Trends and correlations in world volcanic activity

The Human Dimension - The mental/emotional confusions and worldwide political crisis through which humanity is struggling to evolve and may or may not succeed.

What The Gallery Project Is About


The first half of 2007 have begun the development of a method of outlining and data-basing a large number graph and images which explain how the Earth-Moon-Sun system works to produce the world we know.   As has always been known, a picture is worth, easily, a thousand words.   One of the major reasons science seems so difficult is that the verbal semantic skills of most journal-writing scientists are not very good.  Good pix and pictures cut through a lot of abstruse  descriptions and confusions. 

The initial purpose of the Storyboards is to develop the data, concepts, and findings or  generalizations which will influence or shape three major books.

First, the Storyboards will shape some of the chapters in "The Return of the Phoenix, Book Three - The Prophecies", which examines the potential for catastrophic changes in the Earth.  Some of the Storyboard text will be condensed directly into Book Three.

Secondly, the Storyboards will directly form the basis of three or four chapters in a book titled "The Nine Trends Which Are Changing The Earth".   This book will be an exposition of why Greenhouse Gas is just hot air and how Global Warming is caused by "Vortex Tectonics" - the combined geophysical dynamics of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.   It is simpler than these words sound, and the graphs make that perfectly clear.

Thirdly, the Storyboards will provide the basic text for an extended online "wikipedia" and book which systematically outlines the mechanisms of "Vortex Tectonics".

The outline is designed to be sufficiently inclusive and flexible to allow easy expansion on the fly day by day, year by year.  Hopefully it will be.  The current selection just skims the surface.  There are usefully a minimum of some 5000 graphs and charts which could be intimately tied together in a common Storyboard which explains how the Earth really works.  Whether this Storyboard will continue to be expanded, only time will tell.  It will need the help of many interested people.




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