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Vortex Tectonics

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This panel is intended to be a summary introduction to how the cosmic frame (earth-moon-sun system) and the shifting (wobbling) of the Spin Axis induce tectonic motion and subsequent earthquake and volcanic activity around the Earth.  This introduction has not been written yet or it would be here.  In the meanwhile, go directly to:

Earthquake Storyboard    or    Volcano Storyboard

or  Motions Of The Tectonic Plates


Table Of Contents

As with the general Earthquake Gallery Index, you can click on any of the iconic graphs or pix below to expand it up to its full size.  Some are so large horizontally that the browser will shrink them to fit in one view window.  This will result in an unreadable graph. Simply click on the shrunken graph or map to tell the browser to expand it back to full size. All compressed images in the Earthquake Gallery work the same way.  The images which give you only blurry lines are graphs which are very wide on the horizontal scale to provide monthly or daily details.   The titles in the text block to the right of the compressed graphs are linked to a section in a web page which explains the graph and offers observations and analysis of what you are seeing.  Most of the Earthquake Gallery unfolds this way.  You can quickly browse through the miniatures to find items which you want to read about.


The Vortex Tectonics Storyboard has not been organized.  At the moment only the following fragment is available


Motions Of The Tectonic Plates


Summary of Major Findings


Background Information & Knowledge/Data Sources:




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