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[6-23-08 ECB]  EARTH CHANGES - The surges of tectonic motion in the Earth's crust during the first several months of 2008 probably have played out for at least a few months.  In accordance with the Cosmic Frame, the next few months of volcanic and seismic activity will likely be at lower levels with less destructive magnitude and frequency. Tectonic activity likely will begin to surge again November 08 to January 09 during the next phase synchronicities between the lunar and terrestrial orbits.  But keep in mind that the Earth's crust is complex, anything can and sometimes does happen at any time, the wobble itself (which is the spin energy of the Earth which drives tectonic motion) is always deviating from a stable track, and thus no accurate predictions can be made consistently.  The Earth Changes Global Warming scenario is more difficult to predict and the weather effects are more chaotic at this time.  Solar input is very low this year, about the same as last year, hence Greenhouse Gas effect is zip, if not negative, accordingly Global Warming and all extreme weather patterns are being driven this year almost exclusively by the warming of the world ocean.  More probable than not, climate and weather conditions will worsen this year over last year, including greater extremes in tornadoes, hurricanes, and large storm fronts. The North Atlantic is warming substantially above normal and will profoundly influence Eurasia.   El Nino was slowly emerging during past months but currently it cannot be detected.  Hence little influence if at all will be felt this year. But in the meantime the North Pacific Gyre sea surface temperature is massively warmer than normal.  This condition has driven the excessive flooding in the Mid-West, the extreme tornadoes, and most likely will continue to contribute to an awesome Thunderstorm summer and perhaps a very stormy Monsoon season.  Watch the North Pacific Gyre Hot Spot, it may make the most planetary news.

[6-23-08 ECB]  WAR & PEACE - Zionazi cliques are frantically engaged in an international agit-prop campaign to ignite Israeli and U.S. attacks on Iran.  Consciousness of this campaign appears to be greater in Israel and Europe than in the U.S.  The Quisling Party (the Democrats in Congress led by the Zionist-allied Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house) refuse to block efforts to manipulate the U.S. into war with Iran, in fact continue to support the criminal activities of the Cheney-Bush Junta by blocking impeachment, investigations, supplying massive amounts of dollars, giving the Imperial Faction carte blanche to set up universal spying over all human activities, etc.  THE OVER-RIDING CONDITION seems to point to a high probability of MOSSAD/CIA/Anglo provocateurs  igniting a wave of False-Flag "terrorist" acts to provoke public support for more war in the Middle East.  A part of the scenario may involve plans to elicit counter-reactions by Iranian military groups which the Warcast Media can claim were unprovoked.  Zionazi lunatics in both Israel and Washington are openly talking about the impending attack.

[5-19-08 ECB]  OVER-RIDING CONDITION EVOLVES:  Both overt and covert manipulation of U.S. Warcast Media has become obviously pronounced.  There can be no doubt that zionist cliques, war profiteers, and imperial factions are engaged in a major effort to instigate additional terror and militarism in the Middle East in order to rationalize destructive attacks against any Islamic nations which Israel has determined in its infinite stupidity is in opposition to its brutal bigotry against the Palest Indian people.  To this end, false-flag "terrorist" scams are likely very soon. Already CIA/MOSSAD operatives are waggling their phony Bin Laden finger-puppets, vowing violent attacks soon to come.   These attacks, staged by stooges of the Imperial Faction which have taken control of major aspects of the U.S. government, are likely anytime from now through to November.



 [5-18-08 0300 UTC - MSM, Arizona] - for universal release
MWM: Please pass this through to any connections you have in China and Japan. I believe that there is an elevated level of seismic danger through to the middle of June 08 and accordingly I believe it is well worth advising people in the most likely areas.

A few hours ago a Class 6 (major) quake struck in Sichuan near the location of the most recent Great Quake in China. This new quake struck after a decline in magnitudes and frequency of quakes around the world. Though a large quantity of aftershocks generally follow a Great Quake, they are generally lower in magnitude that the 6.0 quake which struck today. It was also surprising to some scientific observers because the Earth and Moon have entered into orbital phase relationships during the last few days which generally produce a "lull" in tectonic activity.
 Like the major tectonic plate ruptures which struck Indonesia in 2004 over a period of three months, this latest breaking in the vast Eurasian Tectonic Plate could be followed during the next lunar cycles with another Great Quake (of magnitude 7.0 or larger). Any of three different periods during the following weeks could produce another 7.9 or greater quake. From May 19-24, the coming Full Moon will be followed almost immediately by an Extreme South Declination node point. Major or Great Quakes are more likely along the edge of the Australian Tectonic Plate during this time, but they may appear north of the Equator in China as well. Extreme caution should be taken in Sichuan province and in areas along the same fault during this period. The period June 2-6 will bring a New Moon with another Extreme North Declination node in Perigee (Moon's closest approach to the Earth). This is likely to be the most dangerous period for China. Another dangerous period comes again June 16-22 when the Full Moon is in Extreme South Declination node once again.
 After these periods pass, tectonic motion likely will begin to slow down for several months and then pick up again in November and most especially in December of 2008. It may be that the most dangerous period of 2008 for China will be this coming 08 December. This may be true for Taiwan, Philippines, and Japan as well.
 At the current time, then, China should maintain exceptional caution until after the June Full Moon period passes. For additional commentary and advisories, readers can find the Earth Changes Bulletin on the internet.


[1-14-08 ECB] SOLAR CYCLE 24 HAS BEGUN AND MAY PRODUCED THE MOST ACTIVE SUN OF RECORDED HISTORY.  Its activity will peak during 2011-2014. For the period of the next five years, as solar activity gradually increases, both environmental dynamics and human behavior and emotionalism will shift into more rapid flux of activity and reactivity.  Solar Cycle 23 engendered deep, bitter polarizations in the world, especially in Palestine, the Middle East, and vis a vis the United States, both internationally and domestically.  Rather than resolve divisions and conflict, humans accentuated them during this last Solar Cycle.  Accordingly, during the coming cycle human reactivity and tendency to fear and violence will become greater and could easily match the "historical record-breaking" which the Sun's activity is likely to produce with Sunspots, Storms, Flares, and Ionic Wind Gusts.  Under this growing pressure, both the terrestrial environment and human societies will be subject to immense dynamic flux which will alter both the greater expanse of the Earth as well as the nations and the affairs of humans. Global Warming will accelerate more rapidly, mass migrations will become more frequent, more agriculture and oceanic food sources will fail, more nations will collapse (as in Africa), and the general level of violence will increase in many areas.  The exceptionally strong internal polarization in the U.S. against the Cabal of banksters and their oil-soaked Junta, and as well the antagonistic international polarization against the U.S., likely will be resolved by "virtual collapse" of the current economic and political system in the U.S. and a chaotic period of increased repression and rebellion which gradually destroys the power of Federal agencies which have usurped far too much illegal power.  Likely the period will also spawn many concerted efforts to change major aspects of the constitution of the U.S. and the structure of its government.  In the short term, increased militarism with more international activity may be attempted by an intellectually and morally bankrupt Junta.  These attempts may be and probably will be made in various guises regardless of which political party "wins" the November 08 national U.S. elections.



[1-1-08 ECB] During 2008-2009, the main threat to human health, dignity, freedom, and justice is militarized police behavior driven by stupid men who are falsely led to attempt to maintain order and law by brutal tactics of physical and emotional intimidation, murderous methods of confrontation, barbarous methods of incarceration, and incoherent presumptions to the right to order people around. This problem is one of the main justice enforcement problems in the world, second only to the gross corruption of many organs of governance and mass media in the U.S. by self-serving plutocrats and "pretender" families.