A great many elements of the Anglo-American establishment are now clearly warning the American people that the Cheney/Bush Junta is out-of-control and is a clear and present danger to the world.  Russia's President Putin is now warning the entire world that the escalation of the military occupation in Iraq is a fatal mistake and that the Cheney/Bush Junta will end up destroying America if it endeavors to expand its demented war plans against Iran.  Inside Washington DC, intelligence "flies on the walls" of the corridors of war and peace are telling Seymour Hersh, one of leading journalists of this time whose expertise spans the entire cold war from Vietnam to Iraqnam, that THE WAR PLAN IS ALREADY SET.

The 911 Deception, an article by MW Mandeville, appears in the December-January copy of Nexus Magazine.



(April 16, 2007 ECB; MWM) 


HEADS-UP:  Much higher risk than normal in the Pacific Rim of Fire from Great Quakes and tsunami flooding during the next 5 days.  This is one of the 2 most dangerous tectonic periods during 2007 (the other one is in the late Fall).

Risk is RIGHT NOW and following the New Moon Perigee of April 17 for the next five days as it ascends in its North Node. 

Currently the America's, including the usually prolific Alaska, are still nearly silent of 4.0 plus quakes. Is this a lock-up building for a release? 


PAM WISEMAN, an Earth Sensitive, reports this evening that the S.F. Bay area is giving VERY STRONG SIGNALS of impending quake activity, from San Jose to a little north of the Bay. Check out Pam Wiseman's site.


COSMIC FACTORS:  Solar Minima gave us another week of mostly ZERO sunspots.  Only 11 spots appeared and disappeared again suddenly on April 14, probably for the April 22 three-way Planetary Alignments.  The Solar Flux is flat line at  68 or 69.  The planets continue to widen into a broad scatter arrangement, thus expect  VERY low numbers and minimal solar activity for most of the remainder of April and May. June will see a resurgence of solar activity, just in time to stimulate a very warm Atlantic into an active hurricane season, which scientists now predict will be substantially above average in numbers of storms and probabilities of impact on North America.  La Nina began to decay during the last week and thus it may be a short-lived affair.   If so his will help reduce the odds of a stormy Summer and keep the strength of hurricanes and tornadoes during 2007 season at "average levels".  El Nino may appear in the Fall to further weaken this year's hurricane season.  All in all, this looks like a year of somewhat fast-paced cosmic chaos, making all results very difficult to predict.

GEOPHYSICAL FACTORS:  Polar Motion - the wobble spiral track continues to expand as it should. Seismic activity is currently rising and  HEADS UP FOR THE NEXT PERIGEE NEW MOON.   Look for tectonic activity in all forms to begin to pick up and reach a new peak now through to April 17-24, 2007.  Volcanic activity is expanding in numbers of sites (up another 3 to 35) and as predicted here and virtually nowhere else, actual activity has also picked up during  the preceding seven days for this New Moon Perigee. Etna has erupted again with ash and lava flows but Piton de la Fournaise in the Indian Ocean has replaced Etna as the most expressive, for the second week in a row it sports lava fountains and multiple lava flows all now reaching the ocean shores, along with substantial plume activity. Its sulfur emissions have been detected already in Australia.  Activity among volcanoes worldwide should increase for a few days and then may ebb for a few weeks until the next New Moon.  Continue to watch the Carib Plate, Alaska, Japan, New Zealand, and Indonesia for possible spectacular eruptions this year. 


SPIRITUAL FLUX  -   The intense storms and winds of the past two weeks seem to have been paralleled with the vast release of an awful astral incubus.  Many things foul seem to have been blown out of heart and mind, many spirits seems to be lifting in many ways.  With it the disturbed minds of "Imus" have been blown into the trash can and complacency with bigoted stereotyping by commercial interests  have suddenly been brought into question and a national movement of purging filthy, denigrating "artists" out of "the scene" has begun.   Even the last desperate acts of wanton violence by a disturbed student in Virginia is a part of the release of the awful incubus of alienation, bigotry, and violence.  The explosion of this diseased insanity into active release is the opposite of a surge in violence, it is a dying twinge of the will to continue in a world of violence.  Along with this purging in many forms, the incubus of imperial ambition is collapsing everywhere.  So desperate is the Cheney/Bush Junta for the American Imperial Expeditions in the Middle East to actually work, they are actively looking for an operational Overlord to diktat their intent to the military industrial complex. But they can find no takers.  What should be patently obvious to one and all at this time is that the active military brass is sandbagging the Cheney|Bush Junta in the usual fashion of a bureaucratic system which finds itself opposed to its nominal masters.  Obviously, they are upping the ante and positing increasingly large conditionals which cannot be met as the price for continuing the tragic farce in the Middle East which no one of sound mind wants to continue to command.


GEOPOLITICAL FLUX:   It is almost over.  We are locked in a classical stalemate and time is running out on the Imperial Faction.  The Imperial Faction is riven and divided and most likely cannot even coordinate a False-Flag incident at a high level without extreme risk of exposure in a bureaucracy which is now too alarmed and forewarned for them to easily fool.  They are institutionally blocked by a hostile Congress and a large faction of Republicans who would urgently like to see them disappear.  Almost the entire international community is working actively against them, the traditional Saudi allies in the Middle East are now uniting Arab factions against them.  Their only real international ally is Zionist Israel, which has made itself into the world's most despised leper during the last 30 years.  Zionist Israel remains fixated on the most delusional paranoias of violence and self-conceit which the world has seen since the 1930's, fully supportive of mass mayhem such as instigating attacks on Iran.  With friends like this, who needs enemies. Meanwhile both Russia and China have made it very clear they have NO PROBLEM with Iran, which, like them, is also a quasi-democratic nation governed by a strong, non-aggressive internal oligarchy which was never conquered by imperial powers.  They have also made it clear that the Iranians have bought, installed, and can operate enough Russian/Chinese military technology as sophisticated as American machines to substantially destroy a significant portion of the American Imperial Expedition in the Middle East.  Both Napoleon's and Hitler's imperial ambitions were destroyed by sending vast military expeditions to the East.  If the Americans are so stupid to do the same, they will destroy their nation in the same fashion as surely as the would-be conquerors of old.  Fortunately, this danger seems to be waning.


NEVERTHELESS, THE ESSENTIAL PROBLEM REMAINS AND WILL NOT CHANGE UNTIL BUSH/CHENEY ARE REMOVED FROM OFFICE.  We are locked in mutual stasis until this deadlock is broken with widespread political activity to remove it through IMPEACHMENT.  Forces within or about the Imperial Faction clearly intend to broaden the conflict in the Middle East to DO Iran.   Given that the American system is now effectively in stalemate, with time slipping away for the Zionist incubus, the chief question is whether the regime in Israel will take the entire task of attacking Iran upon themselves, hoping that the Zionist coalition can continue to manipulate the American political system into various forms of de factor support.  The main question is, the primary unknown in the world today, can the sandbags be piled high enough to stalemate the Incubus as the ruined presidency and personality of George Bush continue to crumble?   AS THINGS STAND, I think that the most important method of blockading the Zionists is to fan the flames of their own paranoia, causing them to suspect that their initiatives at this time will create the opposite effect.  Rather than an attack on Iran creating an attack on Israel, which they hope to manipulate into support for Israel, they need urgently to suspect that such an operation is likely to cause a widespread rejection of continued support of Zionist Israel in America.   There is growing evidence, since their devastating loss in Lebanon, that they are now hesitant to proceed because of internal doubts.  The complete failure of their political push in Lebanon is the Zionist's very own boogieman and opposition to the Zionist agenda should wave this boogieman at every opportunity.


A relentless focus of will by millions of people will provide the motive force to continue the blockade of Zionist ambitions  and bring the incubus into final remission.  This is the only thing which will bring the incubus into remission.  The positive news in the world today is that this is happening and is the clear trend in the tide of history.




A major collection of graphs, charts, and links to information and databases is nearing collection. It more or less represents my  collected "notes" and analysis of Earth Changes (including Global Warming and climate change phenomenon) for completion of a new verification of Edgar Cayce's Earth Change Prophecies and analysis of how the "shifting of the poles" is likely to take place.  This has taken enormously more time than I originally anticipated for the revision of the Trilogy (like over an extra year) because of the explosion of research data about the Earth which the Global Warming scare has "induced" through liberal funding.  These "notes" would take hundreds of pages to publish, hence very little of it will appear in the final book of the Trilogy.  The resulting verification will be many more times powerful and thorough than the work in the first edition of the Trilogy.  Based on the new material I can provide a disciplined set of exact criteria and time windows for the lead-in phases, crescendo peak, and down-slope of the Event Horizon of the Fifth Phoenix (we are in it now and we have **perhaps** another 20 years before we hit the other side) .   Some of the background material will appear in a follow-on book which is titled "The Nine Trends Which Are Changing The Earth".  Because my collection is so powerful in demonstrating a completely new perspective about the Earth and its history, all of it will be made to appear on the web or on CD for subscribers during the following months, to be known as "The Earth Changes Gallery".  The Gallery will never be complete in the sense that this will become a growing collection.  The existing collection still requires more organization and editing of the explanations and concluding points, perhaps another three weeks of work.  At the moment I am completing one of the major "floors" in the Gallery - the "Solar Activity Cycle" and how it does and does not connect with the major trends.  Check out these two charts in which everything comes together and the logic of my arguments  "turn" with the changes in the "trends".


Correlation of Solar Activity Cycle With XY Plots of the Earth's Wobble 1890-2006.  When it loads, click on the image to make your browser enlarge it to the correct giant size. Scroll across it.  Notice Sunspot Cycle 19.  What happens thereafter to the Earth's Wobble which is distinctly new?  Why has nobody put this together yet?  This is one of a dozen profound connections I have made in the past few months. Notice the date of Sunspot Cycle 19 MAX.  Where else have you seen this date?  Ah yes, Edgar 1934 or 36 describing the advent of Major Activities in the Earth Changes --- 1958!

Correlation of Solar Activity, World Termperature Trend, and Heat Gain Trend In The World Ocean 1867-2004 This is deliberately small so you stare with a 150 year vision all at once.  Ask yourself, what connects with what?  What REALLY connects with what?  Then connect the critical transition dates with the first chart which has the XY plots in it.  Then, if you are familiar with the graphs on world volcanism which I have produced, you will realize that WHILE the XY Plots "separate" in the graph, world volcanism and earthquake activity trend lines begin to accelerate manyfold, the oceans warm, and Global Warming becomes the fourth place topic on the news (after war and corruption and sex).


I have DOZENS  of supporting graphs which I have collected from other researchers which prove the reality of these "connections".  Many of these will be posted within the next couple of months.

You should see what I can do with the Phoenix 4 Event Horizon 12,500 Before Present.  The Global Warming paleo researchers are not proving up their favorite theories about CO2 but you should see what they are doing proving up Edgar Cayce's comments about the past. 


Go see a chart which demonstrates plainly and simply that neither the Sun nor Greenhouse Gases cause Global Warming: Solar Activity - Irradiance Correlation 1975-2005


The Prophecies, Book Three: 

on the lead-in for this Update


  1. The revised Prophecies book is still several weeks away.

  2. As already discussed I am paralleling a fourth book to work tightly in tandem with the revised Prophecies book.  The working title of this fourth book is:  "The Nine Trends Changing The Earth 1875-2025" - How Global Warming Is Caused By Underwater Volcanism & Why Greenhouse Gas Is Just Hot Air.  A review draft of nearly four chapters is available for paid subscribers with password at

  3. About 15 pages of this material, plus a couple of graphs, will be condensed into Book Three of the Trilogy to present a summary but complete logical argument to finish the verification of Edgar Cayce's long range prophecies.  The few left outstanding will not be verified until the other side of the Phoenix Singularity, which is called Phoenix 5 in the Prophecies and in the Earth Changes Bulletin.  As you should know by now, the Earth Changes Bulletin is monitoring the Earth's progression into chaotic motion and crustal breakup on the way towards an "avalanche of the crust" over the spin axis.

  4. It remains that all those who subscribed  with donations beginning in September 2005 in order to have access to the Phoenix books will have their subscriptions renewed at no charge to run through June 2007.   I may extend this further. This will give you plenty of time to download the finished Trilogy ebooks, the final set of which will be made available some time in January.  You will also get a fourth book, free, which will be a world class document, highly controversial.

The full content of the Weekly Updates are on the web (archive) at




" recent months, the former intelligence official told me, a special planning group has been established in the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, charged with creating a contingency bombing plan for Iran that can be implemented, upon orders from the President, within twenty-four hours..."

"the current contingency plans allow for an attack order this spring..."

Seymour Hersh, in the "The New Yorker" Magazine, Posted February 26, 2007 for the March 5, 2007 Issue. Article citation: "The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?"

MWM: Such a plan is not a contingency plan.  It is a war plan.


GEOPHYSICAL WATCH:  Changes In The Earth



SOLAR ACTIVITY: Solar Storms, Sunspots, Ionic Wind, Magnetic Disturbances


Visible Sun Of April 16, 2006:
 Credit: SOHO/MDI

[4-16-07 ECB]  Solar Minima rules:  there has been almost no measurable solar activity (of the standard type) during the past five days.  Solar Flux is flat line at 68 or 69,  Flares, CME"s NADA, Sunspots a sparse small spike of 11 on September 14..  Most likely  the Sun will remain largely quiescent for the remainder of April and deep into May.


[4-169-07 ECB]  There are no detectable Sunspots on the Far Side of the Sun. [Holographic image credit: SOHO/MDI]

[4-16-07 ECB] Quick Solar Activity Forecast From Planetary Alignments:    Solar activity probably will remain hovering close to 0 with perhaps occasional brief bumps up to 10 or 15. We may pass into Solar Cycle 24 at practically any time during 2007, though we may not know it completely officially until six months after the fact. (The MINIMA is calculated as a running 12 month average and so our definition of the event always lags for several months until the numbers work themselves out. Note to astrophysicists: we need a better method of calculation which can spot the passage within 90 days).


Sunspot Graph
graph courtesy Jan Alvestad
Latest Graph:
Daily Sunspot Numbers Are ISSN:

Sunspot Count Chart:  In this chart above the black line is the Solar Flux as measured in orbit near the Earth, the red line is the Sunspot Number and the blue line is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field in the Earth’s high atmosphere (called the Planetary A Index).  


Date     Flux Spots Area

2007 04 15  69   0   0

Pix of coronal holes[4-16-07 ECB]   NASA predicts a 1% to 1% probability of solar flares (X to M, respectively) during the next 48 hours. As a result of the solar wind stream which is flowing out of the indicated coronal hole in the adjacent photo, NASA predicts a 1% to 15% probability of major magnetic disturbances in the high latitudes. Pix Credit: NOAA GOES-13.  


[4-2-07 ECB] Average Solar Counts for January & February  2007:  Flux:  83 in January, 77 in February.   Spots: ISSN - 16.9 in January, 10.6 in February,  4.8 for March.  THE MARCH AVERAGE WAS ABOUT FIVE BELOW NASA'S PREDICTED LEVEL.  Solar Sunspot Cycle 23 is nearly gone  We are more or less at Solar Minima, Sunspot Cycle 24 can begin at anytime.


Solar Cycle 24 Predictions:  [2-12-07 ECB] There are now three major focal points for predictions of the beginning of Cycle 24.  One cluster is for March 2007.  Another is for Fall 2007, which is probably NASA/NOAA's most prevalent opinion.  A third is January 2008.  I personally lean toward January 2008, which is the official prediction of the EU's apparently most prominent solar group. 

[3-26-07 ECB] Conservative predictions shown in red by Hathaway, NASA/NOAA, 2007, uses an older statistically-based model. Other predictions using Solar Dynamic Models indicate a higher peak for Cycle 24. Cycle 25 "seems" too low in this chart when compared to the past nine Activity Cycles

The Phoenix Five Revised Scenario will be based on the following logic:

These projected Solar Activity Cycles are of immense importance because of the impact of Cycle 19 on the shifting of the Spin Axis in 1958.  Cycle 24 may be as large as Cycle 19 and this may bring enough new shifting and tectonic motion in the Earth's crust to initiate major tectonic ruptures around the Pacific Rim.  From now through to the MAX of Cycle 24, increasing break up in the crust may be evident through a variety of increased tectonic activities.  During the MAX years of 2011-2014, the ruptures may begin the long predicted destructions in the Western U.S.  The final breakup of the crust may occur during the MAX period of Cycle 25, which is not likely to be so small as shown here.  In all cases we will be watching the Great Rift for the auguries.  Always, the windows of greatest danger will be the combination of the "whammies", New Moon or Full Moon, Perigee, Perihelion, Mercury aligned with another inner planet or even Jupiter, during the peak years of the Solar Cycle.  Add as well the Eclipse Nodal Cycle (18 years) to find the extremes in the Lunar Sygygy, the next of which occurs in 2022.   It is the splitting of the Great Rift which is the key to the entire Earth Changes phenomenon, including the current waves of Global Warming and acidification of the oceans.  The Wobble pumps the Great Rift and the Great Rift spreads the tectonic plates and forces the motions which cause them to buckle and grind against each other... and every once in a very great while the tectonic plates avalanche together en masse to redistribute their mass to achieve a better condition of balance in the spinning vortices of the Earth-Moon-Sun System.. 


Magnetic Disturbances: (As Shown By Fluxgate Monitor at the University of Alaska )

[4-16-07 ECB]  The Fluxgate Monitor is very nearly a magnetic "mirror" surface - i.e. a flat line.  This may persist through much of April.



SOLAR OUTPUT 1975-2005

This chart of the last three Solar Cycles is profoundly important for many reasons.  First, it demonstrates that scientists have learned in just the last 30 years that gross solar output is almost precisely parallel with the output of Sunspots. In other words, the Sunspot Cycle is actually the Solar Activity Cycle.  Secondly the chart demonstrates that Sunspot numbers define the amount of actual irradiance (also called luminescence) which strikes the top of the Earth's atmosphere. This measure in turn is telling us how much "heat" energy is being delivered to the Earth.  As we can see, the total energy has been declining in average since 1975.  With less primary heat, there is also less "reflected" or "green-housed" heat. To make a long story short, this chart demonstrates that neither the Sun, nor all its cycles, nor all the Greenhouse Gases, nor all the inflated academic claims concerning them, have much to do with the obvious warming of the Earth.  Ignorance is a wonderful thing.  It frees the mind to seek the right answers.  Go seek, find the real cause of Global Warming.

Chart by Robert A. Rohde for the Global Warming Art Project


PLANETARY ACTIVITY: Skywatching, Planet Alignments, Moon, Asteroids


NASA REPORTS: VENUS AND THE PLEIADES: "When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look west. Brilliant Venus and the delicate Pleiades are almost side-by-side. The planet and the star cluster will draw even closer together and will and be at their best on Wednesday, April 11th, when only 2.5o degrees of arc lie between them." - [paraphrased from NASA text by contraction].





[3-18-07 ECB] Welcome to Solar Minima, which is the point when one Sunspot Cycle ends and another begins during a month when very little sunspot activity will be recorded.  Contrary to rumor, we are still in Cycle 23 but not likely for very long, almost certainly not past the end of 2007.



[4-16-07 ECB]   The three-way Planetary Alignments for April 22 have already created a small spike of Solar Activity, from 0 to 11 on April 14, which then fell back to 0 on April 15.  The Solar Flux is rising slightly as of April 15, from 68 to 69.  This may bring in another small bump in the Sunspot Count during the next few days.  It probably will not be significant and probably will have no influence on Earth. The rest of April and a good portion of May should produce a quiet Sun which has little storm effect on the Earth.

[4-9-07 ECB]   The Planetary Alignment charts do not show any significant alignments in the orbits of the planets until about June 1, 2007.  Accordingly, weather in April and most of May should be very little affected by Solar Activity peaks.  About May 25 this picture changes and most of June will be stormier with many rounds of marine storm fronts moving in across the continents .

June will have several episodes of modest planetary alignments.  They begin with an Earth | Jupiter Alignment on June 1 which is closely coupled with an alignment between Mercury and Venus.  The inner planets will remain closely coupled with each other and with Jupiter for a few weeks, not really completely breaking apart until July.  All this should produce a responses in the Sun with several modest peaks of Sunspot activity and many waves of stormy summer weather flowing unto the continents, beginning the beginning of June and extending through to the middle of August, when planetary induced solar influences will disappear for a few weeks.  Except for the June 1 double-header alignment, these peaks in activity should be mild compared to years past.

The height of the hurricane season of 2007 may emerge about September 10 in connection with the alignment of Mercury | Jupiter on September 18.  This season may extend through to the end of October while Mercury completes another series of fast moving alignments with the inner planets and two more of the outer planets.  

MORE OR LESS AS PREDICTED, February and March were extremely stormy months in North America and in many other parts of the Earth, this coming on top of an intensely cold January during which the Artic was freer of ice than it has been in at least several generations.  Welcome to Global Warming Syndrome, which is produced by the warming of the Artic ocean, not the atmosphere. 

These alignment points for the planets doubtless  will influence the Earth's weather patterns to some extent, but if the pattern of the past 90 days holds, this influence will be small compared to previous years. Keep in mind that over-all, weather patterns should be about the same as last year or reduced in strength a little if the only factor is the Sun.  However, Global Warming is providing enough votive force to surpass the influence of the Sun.  

Sunspot and solar activity should peak generally 8 to 3 days in advance of these alignment dates but keep in mind that some times the solar peak comes in on the day or the day after the alignment.



[4-9-07 ECB]  All in all, next  two months are going to be a yawner, cosmically speaking as well as for weather and climate conditions. We are nearly "free" to have a perfectly normal accelerating Global Warming Spring, not that any of us understand what I am saying exactly.

The developing La Nina is more significant..


  The key word for your area is: La Nina.  What is a La Nina Spring in your area?  In the PSW, if appears that Spring has already set in and since conditions are likely to remain clear and dry, most likely we will have a hot and dry La Nina Spring, with little chance of a monsoon this summer.  If they had a betting table at Vegas on this, I would put serious money on it.




The influence of this alignment has already passed over us.

April 8, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software



These dual alignments are not likely to produce much solar activity

April 22, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software



Neither will these alignments produce much solar activity

May 15, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software



These two inner planets, Mercury | Venus, will produce some solar sparks. So will Earth | Jupiter.  Sunspot Count may mimic the previous bouts this year, rising to two close peaks in the range of 15 to 30.  The combined peak should be "fat", spread out over a week beginning about May 25 or so.


June 1, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software


June 15, 2007 Five And A Half  PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS

Mercury, still very close to Venus,  now moves into a close threeway alignment with Jupiter and Earth.  Mecury is about as close to the Earth as it can come obitally, pulled out into its Apehelion no doubt by the combination of Jupiter and Earth and Venus.   Meanwhile Mars | Uranus.  All this ought to produce a greater round of sparks than May's planetary alignments.  Expect solar activity to begin to pick up by about June 7 and persist modestly with a few peaks in the 15-50 range through to nearly the end of June. 

June 15, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software


June 25, 2007 Five And A Half  PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS Still Strong

The three inner planets are still very close to each other, all pulling on Mercury with Pluto near the end of the four-way close alignment. 


June 25, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software


July 4, 2007 Venus | Jupiter PLANETARY ALIGNMENT

This should bring in another modest rise in solar activity, no doubt more modest than the activity brought by Mercury's passage.  This activity should be seen in a narrow peak during the last few days of June.  This may give rise to greater energy for the marine air masses which flow onto the continents to feed summer fog banks and storm fronts.  There may be enough stimulation in the storm fronts from this and June's Solar Activity to cast rain clouds over the July 4th Holiday in many areas.

July 4, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software


July 23, 2007 Mercury | Mars PLANETARY ALIGNMENT

This should bring in another modest rise in solar activity about the middle of the July.


July 23, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software


August 12 , 2007 Venus | Earth | Neptune Three-Way PLANETARY ALIGNMENT

This is a highly focused alignment with Mercury on the other side of the Sun in nearly perfect opposition.  This may produce a brief flurry of Sunspots, perhaps a count as high as 35

August 12, 2007 - An Heliocentric Projection from Home Planet Software


HURRICANE SEASON SUNSPOT ALIGNMENTS:  The next most interesting moment in the planetary alignments will come a month later near September 18 when Mercury moves into alignment with Jupiter. This pass of Mercury will be posted in a few weeks.  Thus from about September 12, we may see the beginning of the height of the Hurricane Season and it may persist for a couple of months while Mercury passes by in alignments once again with all the inner planets along with Neptune and Uranus.






The elevated shape-shifting activity in the Great Rift of the Earth during the past 40 days substantially increases the probability of serious increases in both magnitude and frequency of destructive quakes in all the typical and usual  tectonic subduction zones.  THIS MEANS ESPECIALLY YOU, PACIFIC RIM OF FIRE.

[3-12-07 ECB] Perigee will begin to synchronize within 48 hours with the New Moon phase of March 19 and April 17;  these should form up the next strongest syzygies.  Accordingly, considering only gravity vectors, tectonic activity should be most influenced by the New Moon cycles in mid march and mid April.  This is likely true for volcanism as well.  In other words, and March and April should bring a major flare up in eruptions.


Lunar Schedule For 2007
computed from Home Planet Software (op. cit.)


+ or - = synchronicity within 48 hours with Full or New Moon

Event Date Time Distance To Earth KM  + Time Spread
close influence          
peak influence          
Perigee January 22, 2007 12:25 366928 km   N+3d 8h
Perigee February 19, 2007 9:35 361439 km   N+1d17h
Perigee March 19, 2007 18:40 357815 km   N+  15h
Perigee April 17, 2007 5:56 357137 km - N-   5h
Perigee May 15, 2007 15:11 359392 km   N-1d 4h
Perigee June 12, 2007 17:08 363777 km   N-2d10h
Perigee July 9, 2007 21:39 368533 km   N-4d14h
Perigee August 3, 2007 23:53 368891 km   F+4d23h
Perigee August 31, 2007 0:14 364173 km   F+2d13h
Perigee September 28, 2007 1:54 359419 km   F+1d 6h
Perigee October 26, 2007 11:52 356754 km ++ F+   6h
Perigee November 24, 2007 0:13 357195 km + F-  14h
Perigee December 22, 2007 10:12 360816 km   F-1d15h
Apogee February 7, 2007 12:40 404989 km   F+5d 6h
Apogee March 7, 2007 3:38 405850 km   F+3d 4h
Apogee April 3, 2007 8:39 406326 km + F+  15h
Apogee April 30, 2007 10:58 406208 km + F-1d23h
Apogee May 27, 2007 22:02 405456 km   F-4d 3h
Apogee June 24, 2007 14:26 404538 km   F-5d23h
Apogee July 22, 2007 8:44 404150 km   F-7d16h
Apogee August 19, 2007 3:29 404620 km   N+6d 4h
Apogee September 15, 2007 21:07 405644 km   N+4d 8h
Apogee October 13, 2007 9:54 406489 km - N+2d 4h
Apogee November 9, 2007 12:33 406670 km -- N-  10h
Apogee December 6, 2007 16:55 406234 km - N-3d 0h
New January 19, 2007 4:01        
New February 17, 2007 16:15        
New March 19, 2007 2:44        
New April 17, 2007 11:38        
New May 16, 2007 19:29        
New June 15, 2007 3:15        
New July 14, 2007 12:05        
New August 12, 2007 23:04        
New September 11, 2007 12:45        
New October 11, 2007 5:02        
New November 9, 2007 23:04        
New December 9, 2007 17:41        
New January 8, 2008 11:38        
Full January 3, 2007 13:58        
Full February 2, 2007 5:46        
Full March 3, 2007 23:18        
Full April 2, 2007 17:16        
Full May 2, 2007 10:11        
Full June 1, 2007 1:05        
Full June 30, 2007 13:50        
Full July 30, 2007 0:50        
Full August 28, 2007 10:37        
Full September 26, 2007 19:47        
Full October 26, 2007 4:53        
Full November 24, 2007 14:31        
Full December 24, 2007 1:17        



Integrated Lunar Schedule On Time Dimension

All dates and times are UTC

Full March 3, 2007 23:18        
Apogee March 7, 2007 3:38 405850 km   F+3d 4h
Perigee March 19, 2007 18:40 357815 km   N+  15h
New March 19, 2007 2:44        
Full April 2, 2007 17:16        
Apogee April 3, 2007 8:39 406326 km + F+  15h
Perigee April 17, 2007 5:56 357137 km - N-   5h
New April 17, 2007 11:38        
Apogee April 30, 2007 10:58 406208 km + F-1d23h
Full May 2, 2007 10:11        
Perigee May 15, 2007 15:11 359392 km   N-1d 4h
New May 16, 2007 19:29        
Apogee May 27, 2007 22:02 405456 km   F-4d 3h
Full June 1, 2007 1:05        
Perigee June 12, 2007 17:08 363777 km   N-2d10h
New June 15, 2007 3:15        
Apogee June 24, 2007 14:26 404538 km   F-5d23h
Full June 30, 2007 13:50        
Perigee July 9, 2007 21:39 368533 km   N-4d14h
New July 14, 2007 12:05        
Apogee July 22, 2007 8:44 404150 km   F-7d16h
Full July 30, 2007 0:50        
Perigee August 3, 2007 23:53 368891 km   F+4d23h
New August 12, 2007 23:04        
Apogee August 19, 2007 3:29 404620 km   N+6d 4h
Full August 28, 2007 10:37        
Perigee August 31, 2007 0:14 364173 km   F+2d13h
New September 11, 2007 12:45        
Apogee September 15, 2007 21:07 405644 km   N+4d 8h
Full September 26, 2007 19:47        
Perigee September 28, 2007 1:54 359419 km   F+1d 6h
New October 11, 2007 5:02        
Apogee October 13, 2007 9:54 406489 km - N+2d 4h
Perigee October 26, 2007 11:52 356754 km ++ F+   6h
Full October 26, 2007 4:53        
Apogee November 9, 2007 12:33 406670 km -- N-  10h
New November 9, 2007 23:04        
Perigee November 24, 2007 0:13 357195 km + F-  14h
Full November 24, 2007 14:31        
Apogee December 6, 2007 16:55 406234 km - N-3d 0h
New December 9, 2007 17:41        
Perigee December 22, 2007 10:12 360816 km   F-1d15h
Full December 24, 2007 1:17        
New January 8, 2008 11:38        



Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.  See


On 16 Apr 2007 there were 857 known Potentially
Hazardous Asteroids
April 2007 Earth-asteroid encounters
Notes: LD is a "Lunar Distance." 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.





EARTH POLAR MOTION: Spin Axis, Magnetic Poles




[4-16-07 ECB]  POLAR MOTION:  No new news of note.  The Spiral Track of Earth's Wobble continues to expand outward in a normal, stable pattern.
Image is from WobbleTracker software, drawn by MWM

Graph Scale is set to 0.9 arcseconds, Grid Size = 0.05 arcseconds
Time Domain as shown in upper right hand corner
All movement is counter-clockwise.


This chart shows the location of the North Spin Axis relative to the “map coordinates” which were established at the end of the 19th century.  A drift of over 50 feet since 1900 in the circular track of Chandler’s Wobble is shown in this chart.  This drift is the primary cause of the acceleration in Earth’s tectonic activity. In order to “parallel” the way in which geophysicists create and record the Earth’s polar location geo-reference system, this graph shows the negative numbers opposite to the manner which they are typically drawn in school books.  –X is shown on the top half, and this corresponds to the direction of the Pacific Hemisphere.  –Y is shown on the right side and this corresponds to the Eurasian Land Mass.  X= Longitude 0, which is the Greenwich Meridian which bisects through England; +Y= Longitude West 90,  which bisects through the Great Lakes (North America).



NEW CHART RELEASE WHICH PROVES THAT POLAR MOTION PHASES OR REGULATES EL NINO (and probably the other climate oscillations in the Northern Atlantic and the Indian Oceans):  Click Here! Composed fresh for the revised edition of the Return of the Phoenix, a new expanded chart shows the track of Earth's Wobble up and down the Greenwich Meridian (called the X Axis of polar motion by geophysicists) for the period 1890-2006.  Incorporated also is color coding for the Wobble X MAX (largest spiral in the Wobble every seven years as measured on its X Axis), the Wobble X MIN (smallest spiral in the Wobble every seven years) and the years of the El Nino.  The correlation in this stunning chart is much clearer than before, during the past 106 years, with only two exceptions, an El Nino does not occur during either an X MAX or an X MIN phase.  It typically occurs on the transitions between the two phases.  On the basis of the correlations, I am predicting that the DOA El Nino of 2006/07 was not a peak of El Nino oscillation year.  Because the wobble is now leaving its MIN PHASE, or did so in the main during 2006, I predict that a much stronger El Nino will occur in 2007/08.  Or if not, it will occur 2008 and quickly abort in 2009, but almost certainly it will not appear in the next X MAX, which is due 2009/2010. After the current wobble cycle matures during the next six months, I will tighten this prediction.


The anomaly of 2006, during which the Spin Axis "hung" for nearly two months in one place, and then re-commenced its wobble spiral in a nearly perfect "cartoid" (see Wikipedia) prompted me to look for other similar anomalies between 1890-2006.  (Cartoids are termination points of an inward spiral curve from which a new spiral begins to curve outward, the moment of the yin becoming yang).   During the course of this search, I discovered to my horror that all of the IERS databases have been updated, making all of my graphs theoretically out-dated.  So...after spending a month and a half restructuring my databases and rebuilding all my graphs, plus a lot of new ones, I have come to a new level of understanding about the Spin Axis and its history, all of which most remarkably corroborate Cayce's predictions and add profundity of understanding about the coming avalanche of the crust.  I found more cartoids in various MIN phases of the wobble, just enough to establish a 99 year base line of movement from cartoid moment to moment (the majority of the "moments" are indistinguishable).  I found that the average rate of drift for the century using only the cartoid points to define the location of the Spin Axis is nearly a dead letter match for the average drift computed by mathematician Joachim Hopfner (google him).  (I calculate about 12.5 centimeters per year).  I also found, which Hopfner's averages do not reveal, a variable rate of drift which corresponds very well with Cayce's earth changes dates.  All of that was stunning enough, but even more stunning was the realization that these cartoid moments occur during the early months of the year, typically January through March.  Since these wobble moments are ALMOST ALWAYS during VERY SMALL MIN phases, during which the Earth has not wobbled much for many weeks, hence the Spin Axis has not shifted hardly at all for a significant spell, it finally struck me that at these "cartoid moments" we find the Earth in a state of nearly perfect balance of all vectors.  Literally the wobble ceases at these moments but it is slowly regenerated during the year and then is "hit" by Perihelion gravity interference.  This drag of Solar gravity on the Southern Hemisphere (which is the heaviest side of the Earth) induces a greater swing or spiral motion in the wobble and continues to deepen the spiral for at least two or three annual Perihelion moments.  BUT, whenever the Spiral Swing  reaches maximum on the X Axis (the Atlantic Quadrant of the Earth) AFTER THE SUMMER SOLSTICE, the Sun's gravity tug falls out of phase with the 14 month long wobble (the Southern Hemisphere) and the wobble begins to decline in size towards the next MIN. (The Sun creates, the Sun destroys).  The "cartoid moments" are the points when the Earth recovers its balance until the gravity vectors line up again to pull the Earth's Spin into another wobble.  This appears to be about every two to three wobble cycles (many of which are seven years long, some a little less).  This can all be seen clear as a bell in the giant scrolling charts I have constructed (and will share in a few weeks).  The complete equation of the wobble is more complex, of course, it is essentially a beat function between orbital gravity vectors, the annual precession of the heavy side of the Earth towards Perihelion, the Moon's adding and subtracting, and the "plastic" reactions of components of the Earth's crust.  BUT, I part company here with the weather-related geophysicists.  It  can be seen without doubt in properly constructed graphs that solar/lunar influence is about 90% of the wobble.  Some scientists are currently maintaining that Earth's fluids are the main source of the wobble.  Sorry, not to be, it is the heavy Southern Hemisphere and the Sun's gravity, the fluids affect less than 10%.


The graphs for all this will be added into a "Storyboard" about the wobble. This is coming within a couple of weeks to registered subscribers with passwords.  The generalizations which are constructed in this storyboard will become the basis on which I both finish the verification of Cayce's predictions and construct a new scenario of a likely way in which the crust will avalanche and can be foreseen.   We probably will not be able to predict the exact year, wobble cycle, and date, but we will see what's coming well in advance.  I am completely certain now that it will occur during a Wobble MAX phase during the first half of the year, in a wobble cycle which has "lost its bearings" by becoming far too large. 

[3-5-07 ECB]  POLAR MOTION:  No new news since last week.

[2-29-07 ECB]  POLAR MOTION:  The first spiral in Wobble Cycle 19 (19th since 1890) is expanding vigorously. I expect a vigorous El Nino during 2008 as a consequence and a major surge in world volcanism, above last year's high plateau, during the next 24 months.

[1-22-07 ECB]   POLAR MOTION:  No change in dynamic since early November.  A new expanding spiral appears to be forming in a normal way.  How the anomaly, which included a near cessation of the wobble for nearly a month in January 2006, will affect the average rate of drift and the timing of the new wobble cycle is still unclear. At the moment one could argue that a major shift in location (four times normal speed) occurred (looking at the geometry of the spirals) or that nothing beyond average occurred (averaging just the numbers of the x and y plots). It may take another six months to settle the issue.



WORLD & REGIONAL WEATHER: Storm Fronts, Hurricanes, El Nino & La Nina, Drought & Fire, Global Warming



GLOBAL WARMING SYNDROME:  Far more probable than not, the past few months has brought a serious surge of heat through the Great Rifts in the bottom of the oceans. The telling sign is the spurt of Great Rift quakes which come and go in waves.  These all indicate movements which marine geologists are nearly certain indicate extensive magma dikes and lava flows in or very close to the Great Rift Valleys.  This activity likely will feed a new round of heat into the oceanic climate system during the next 36 months and thus over-all Global Warming will continue to surge upwards. 

The increased heat energy in the climate system along the broad middle of the Earth ( which is the juice which powers the air conditioner of your weather) is causing the North South flow of air more rapidly in greater volumes.  Warm air travels further to the North and pushes increased cold air to flow out of the polar zones (your cooling coils).  The more Global Warming, the more intense and stormy will be both Winter and Summer, the Winter cooler, the Summer hotter, with more power in all storms.  The primary consistent barometer of all of this:  the melting of the Arctic Ice.

[4-16-07 ECB]  Amazingly, the Pacific Southwest of the U.S. has been substantially cooler than normal, which is no doubt a pale reflection of the cold arctic air which has prevailed on the continental interior and delayed or destroyed a budding Spring in a large part of North America. It has also been wetter, making a colorful wild flower season. I am surrounded in various hues of yellow, violet, blue, deep magenta from quite a variety of bloomers.  The foothills in Black Canyon are budding all over and there are no lack of wild bees who love to swarm the giant Palo Verde, some of which are now a mass of yellow blossoms.  Birds are prolific, ranging from wrens, woodpeckers, jays, finches, humming birds, eagle, doves, and of course the ubiquitous pheasants.  A beautiful time to walk around here now, but the last two days haves been very windy, telling me major changes are happening on the Rocky Mountain Plateau to the north of me.

[4-16-07 ECB] The La Nina cold water on the eastern Pacific Equator diminished this week.  This may end up being a shorter La Nina than expected. This summer may prove highly unpredictable for North America.  At the moment, sea surface temperatures are increasing in the eastern Pacific, including one warm patch adjacent to Central America.  The anomalously warm water in the North Atlantic is persisting. All this could lead to a relatively early resurgence of El Nino this Fall and a hurricane season which is as highly unpredictable as the weather this Spring.



[4-2-07 ECB]  LA NINA IS REALLY BACKCooler water on the Equator is re-appearing rapidly in a very fast turnover of the trend.  Three weeks of "deepening" into the cycle suggests this is going to govern Spring in North America and possibly much of the Summer and Fall of 2007.

[1-22-07 ECB]   Much of what the weather this year is about is the emerging "Global Warming Syndrome" Winter. This year the newly emerging "winter syndrome" is NOT energized by the 11 year and other Solar Activity cycles. More overall energy in the storm fronts seems to be the predominant pattern.  A few planetary alignments, spaced every couple or three weeks apart, will continue to peak up Solar Activity in modest waves and thus continue to invigorate marine storm fronts though generally they will not be as severe as during the preceding year. Otherwise, what we will get now as the "new normal" are very cold "Global Warming" winters with many intense stormy  periods.


[4-2-07 ECB]   REVISED PREDICTION FOR 2007/2008 BACK TO BACK LA NINA AND EL NINO:  I am predicting, on the basis of charts and timing of the Earth's Wobble MIN phase, that La Nina will deepen and strongly shape the the late Spring and Summer of 2007.  This may persist into the Fall.  When conditions turn, likely in late 2007 or early 2008, El Nino will emerge to dominate 2008. The so-called El Nino during last December (2006) was really a case of climatology people looking too closely at the tea leaves and over-generalizing too much from too little.  I admit, it looked good, but the Wobble timing was "off" because of the radical "phase shift" in the Wobble which occurred during 2006.  We have seen in essence two back to back MIN phases, in 2005 and 2006, now we are progressing rapidly into an expanding wobble spiral which will flex the Great Rift and valve more heat into the bottoms of the oceans to produce an El Nino.


[4-9-07 ECB]  REVISED HURRICANE PREDICTION FOR 2007:  A strong La Nina condition is setting into the Pacific Equator.  Water which is much below average in temperature is now extending its sway across a major expanse of the Pacific Equator.  This will tend to reduce hurricane activity in the Pacific (size, frequency, and magnitude of storms) and increase activity in the Atlantic/Carib basin if Atlantic Ocean sea surface temperature is favorable.  At the moment the Atlantic Basin is roughly normal according to the SST graph above.  But Gray and Klotzbach (below) who issue what are probably the most highly regarded forecasts for hurricanes, report that temperatures in the Atlantic are well above normal and very propitious for hurricane development..  This augers at the moment for an above normal hurricane season with modest-sized but higher energy storms than during 2006. They expect a few of these will strike the U.S   A Katrina type season is not likely during 2007 under these circumstances.  But take note that circumstances may change.  Conditions in this Global Warming Earth are more fickle than in previous decades.  I expect Katrina class storms are likely to begin to re-appear sometime  in 2008 or 2009 (which ever year is not a strong El Nino year) and reach historic record-breaking frequencies and magnitudes during 2010-2016.  The current wave of shape-shifting quakes in the Atlantic Great Rift, which are almost certainly connected with major magma dikes and lava flows on the bottom of the ocean,  probably indicates that heat will surge slightly higher in the Atlantic and Arctic, perhaps as early as 2008, bringing both Global Warming to increase and hurricane and tornado seasons to be more extreme.




  FROM NOAA:  "2007 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast "
HEADS UP:  "We are now calling for a very active hurricane season.  Landfall probabilities for the 2007 hurricane season are well above their long-period averages."
Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and U.S. Landfall Strike Probability for 2007 - HTML Format
Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray
3 April 2007

Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and U.S. Landfall Strike Probability for 2007 - PDF Format
Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray
3 April 2007

(compared with the forecast made Dec 06 before La Nina developed)

Forecast Parameter and 1950-2000

Climatology (in parentheses)

Issue Date

8 December 2006

Issue Date

3 April 2007

Named Storms (NS) (9.6)



Named Storm Days (NSD) (49.1)



Hurricanes (H) (5.9)



Hurricane Days (HD) (24.5)



Intense Hurricanes (IH) (2.3)



Intense Hurricane Days (IHD) (5.0)



Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) (96.2)



Net Tropical Cyclone Activity (NTC) (100%)



Klotzbach & Gray:  "Based on the latest ENSO predictions as well as currently observed conditions in the tropical Pacific, we expect either neutral or cool ENSO conditions to be in place in the tropical Pacific during the upcoming hurricane season.  Since SSTs in the tropical and northern Atlantic continue to be well above average, we expect a very active hurricane season in 2007."

"Despite a fairly inactive 2006 hurricane season, we believe that the Atlantic basin is currently in an active hurricane cycle associated with a strong thermohaline circulation and an active phase of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO).  This active cycle is expected to continue for another decade or two at which time we should enter a quieter Atlantic major hurricane period like we experienced during the quarter century periods of 1970-1994 and 1901-1925.  Atlantic hurricanes go through multi-decadal cycles.  Cycles in Atlantic major hurricanes have been observationally traced back to the mid-19th century, and changes in the AMO have been inferred from Greenland paleo ice-core temperature measurements going back at least one thousand years."

NEW CHART RELEASE WHICH PROVES THAT POLAR MOTION PHASES REGULATE EL NINO (and probably the other climate oscillations in the Northern Atlantic and the Indian Oceans):  Click Here! Composed fresh for the revised edition of the Return of the Phoenix, a new expanded chart shows the track of Earth's Wobble up and down the Greenwich Meridian (called the X Axis of polar motion by geophysicists) for the period 1890-2006.  Incorporated also is color coding for the Wobble X MAX (largest spiral in the Wobble every seven years as measured on its X Axis), the Wobble X MIN (smallest spiral in the Wobble every seven years) and the years of the El Nino.  The correlation in this stunning chart is much clearer than before, during the past 106 years, with only two exceptions, an El Nino does not occur during either an X MAX or an X MIN phase.  It typically occurs on the transitions between the two phases.  On the basis of the correlations, I am predicting that the DOA El Nino of 2006/07 was not a peak of El Nino oscillation year.  Because the wobble is now leaving its MIN PHASE, or did so in the main during 2006, I predict that a much stronger El Nino will occur in 2007/08.  Or if not, it will occur 2008 and quickly abort in 2009, but almost certainly it will not appear in the next X MAX, which is due 2009/2010. After the current wobble cycle matures during the next six months, I will tighten this prediction.


Temperatures shown in degrees Celsius, bottom scale shows seasonal “variance” by the amount in Celsius.


NOAA EXPLANATION:  Weekly averaged sea surface temperatures (top, °C) and anomalies (bottom, °C) for the past twelve weeks.  SST analysis is the optimum interpolation (OI) analysis, while anomalies are departures from the adjusted OI climatology (Reynolds and Smith 1995, J. Climate, 8, 1571-1583).  MWM:  Otherwise stated, the top graph represents a statistical profile of what probably should be seen while the bottom graph shows the relative amount of variation. 


HOW THE AIR CIRCULATION WORKS OVER NORTH AMERICA DURING EXTREME YEARS OF EL NINO AND LA NINA:  In the chart below, the indicated air flows persist for much of the year, not just the Winder months.  The main change during the year is that the patterns migrates towards the North with the season changes. The bottom pix neatly describes our weather this past three months of early 2007.  This pattern could continue to dominate next Fall and into the Winter of 2008/



Image source:  NOAA,  Home Page For El Nino La Nina



An excellent orientation for kids of all ages:

Covers in simple English how scientists are attempting to analyze El Nino, model it into a climate theory, and from that make predictions.

After reading this meta overview, it is easy to immediately spot the two main conceptual blind spots of the weathermen.  The first is that they are completely unfamiliar with the fact that the Earth is spinning to the East, bunching up the crust and fluids of the Earth against the eastern “windward” edges of the continents. Thus they mistake why the water and atmospheric circulation works as it does.  They “see” it as “pressure differentials” created by the “equatorial climate”.  These pressures are likely secondary effects produced indirectly by the rotating mass(es) of the Earth, not primary causes. The second mistake is that their model simply lacks an elementary driver to make it work.  Energy must come into the system to produce El Nino.  To attribute such a source, they mystically bow and scrape to Ozian “feedbacks” just behind the veils of perception.  They are totally oblivious to the driver - the “bunsen burner” at the bottom of the ocean.

The La Nina Home Page - What Is La Nina – A NOAA compendium of  web pages on La Nina & El Nino

Current But Static SST Charts & Predictions:
predictions on Nina, Nino, SO, & the Climate For Months Ahead

 Home Page For El Nino La Nina

FAQS on Nino Nina – excellent range of questions and answers and links to powerful sources and images of information.

 National Weather Service -Climate Prediction Center

Monitoring & Data Index – this is a very extensive list of many different kinds of data series


 ENSO Impacts The Main Long Range Climate Data Series Related To ENSO

Quarterly Data 1950-2006

Year Data 1877-2006

Comparison Charts Of Two Most Powerful La Nina's

How they come on, develop, and disappear.


Seasonal Color Map Graphs - Predict Rain and Temperatures For North America For The Year Ahead – Science Is Finally Catching Up With Farmer’s Almanac

NOAA 3/4/2007 Forecast

A PP Frame:  Most statistical and coupled model forecasts indicate SST anomalies will decrease during the next 2-3 months, with ENSO-neutral conditions lasting through the northern Spring (March-May 2007).

Following PP Frame:  The CFS ensemble mean (heavy blue line) indicates a rapid transition from neutral to La Niņa conditions during the next 2-3 months.

Say what?  Say what a forecast.  All things for all folks.  The real news:   LA NINA is already here affecting the weather and this pattern will increase through to the Summer

THE BING0! Frequency Chart Of Top Ten Most Extreme El Nino Events:

This is an amazing chart for Phoenix readers!!!!

It blows me away.  I just discovered it after weeks of browsing through the Iway underbellies of NOAA and NASA and the like.

It sustains an proves though it very close parallism the claim that the Earth Changes are new (for this millenium), that they began in the 1930's, as suggested by Cayce, and commenced the noticable trend line of change in 1958, as suggested by Cayce and as proven by trend lines of ocean warming, earthquake activity, volcanism, and drift in the wobble.

The El Nino Bingo Chart:  Frequency Of Extreme Events Began Accelerating In 1960

By the unsung gnomes of NOAA

Subscribers with access to the Nine Trends Chart will notice that the parallelism between the curves in this chart match the curves of geophysical trends in the Nine Trends chart, esp. the OCEAN WARMING curve and world volcanism.

Play it again one more time, Sam, I need a good belly-aching laugh:

greenhouse gases cause Global Warming.


[4-2-07]  Climate/Weather Syndrome For South Cal In A Global Warming Era During A Modest La Nina Winter

Wild Weather Strikes Southern California

Mar 28, 7:09 AM (ET)


LOS ANGELES (AP) - A quick wintry blast brought fierce winds and cold temperatures to normally mild Southern California, but did little to quench the parched region.

Tuesday's storm startled residents, who watched as clear morning skies quickly darkened and gusting winds ripped roofs off several buildings, capsized boats and downed power lines and trees.

"I've never seen weather like this," said Larry Prantner, manager of Cavi at the Big Oaks Lodge restaurant in the Santa Clarita community of Saugus. "It's March and I'm wearing a coat and starting a fire at the fireplace."

The storm was created by moisture and cool air sweeping through warmer, dry air, meteorologists at the National Weather Service said. Warmer temperatures were expected through the rest of the week.

While the weather system sprinkled snow and hail across mountain and high desert communities, it wasn't nearly enough to make a dent in the huge shortfall of rain so far this year.

"In most places, we got zero or trace amounts of rain," Bonnie Bartling, a National Weather Service specialist, told the Los Angeles Times. "Even in the mountains, we didn't get a whole lot of rain. This was mostly a wind system."

Los Angeles is facing its driest year on record. Only 2.47 inches of rain have fallen in downtown Los Angeles since July 1. In a normal year, more than 13 inches of rain would have fallen by now.

On Tuesday, winds tore off the roof of Orange County Fire Authority's aviation building in Fullerton and harbor patrol officers made numerous rescues involving capsized craft in Newport Bay and offshore.

A large section of roof laminate and asphalt tile landed on four cars and caused minor damages, but no injuries, said Orange County fire Capt. Stephen J. Miller. He said fire crews also responded to numerous reports of downed trees and power lines.

"It was pretty crazy out there. I was driving on the freeway and saw many dust storms," Miller said.

Winds gusting up to 40 mph caused a small powerboat and three outriggers to capsize, said Orange County sheriff's Sgt. David Ginther. He said members of the Newport Beach Harbor Patrol rescued a man whose 11-foot boat capsized about a mile off Laguna Beach.

In Newport Bay, 24 members of a University of California at Irvine rowing crew were thrown into the water when their boats flipped. Some students swam ashore while others were rescued from the frigid water, Ginther said.

Four electrical transmission towers blew down and a fifth was damaged in the eastern Los Angeles County city of Commerce, and a dozen power poles came down, too, said Southern California Edison spokesman Gil Alexander.

About 165,000 Southern California Edison customers had outages during the day, but only about 11,700 remained blacked out late Tuesday, the utility said. Another 20,000 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers throughout the city also lost power, said spokeswoman Kim Hughes.



GEOTECTONIC ACTIVITY: Volcanoes, Shape Shifting, Earthquakes





Best to go here below and click for the latest dynamic page with explanations of the symbols and large displays of regions of the Earth (these are "at the moment" charts):



Shape-shifter quakes indicate the spreading of the Rift Valley, the creation of new crust through magma dikes which fills in the cracks of the Great Rift, and hence the inevitable forcing of the Earth’s crust to change its shape to adjust for the new crust.  Most subduction zone quakes (such as in the Pacific Rim of Fire) probably occur as a consequence of the shape-shifting of the Earth. The outlines of the tectonic plates and the Great Rift can be be seen in the violet color in this chart above.  For a chart of Earth’s Tectonic Plates, go to:



[4-9-07 ECB] The past seven days have brought only 3 Major Quakes (6.0 plus), a substantial drop from the prior week.  Frequency for all quakes 4.0 plus was down as well, but still a little high for a non-syzygy week.  Occurance was more widely scattered through the Himalayan Belt, the Pacific Rim of Fire, and inland Asia.  Only Western North America was quiet, although a 4+ subduction quake struck in the Vancouver Island area.  Overall, the western Pacific Rim received the greatest activity, with Japan taking a very large proportion, living up to its long status as the Earth's second most active zone after the Fiji/Solomons/Loyalty Islands area.  Many shape-shifter quakes, over 20 quakes ruptured the Great Rift at over 4+ during the past 14 days.  Activity in the Azores has disappeared, but the East Pacific Rise and the Pacific edge of the Australian Tectonic Plate have taken up some of the slack.

FOR THE PAST 30 DAYS:    The most active zones by far during the past 14 days have been in the Azores and the Solomon Islands, these are almost exactly 180 degrees of Longitude apart, very nearly 45 degrees of latitude apart, the Azores in the Northern Hemisphere, the Solomons in the Southern.  The Azores are a very active Great Rift volcanic spreading zone, the Solomons a very active volcanic subduction zone.  Here we can see elegantly and exactly the working of the Earth as a vast interconnected entity, the forces of expansion and contraction balancing each other out in very high symmetry.  We can see from this that expansion in the Great Rift in the Atlantic has great effect on the Pacific, AND VICE VERSE.  It may have been the subduction in the South Pacific the past month which has made possible the expansion of this round in the Great Rift near the Azores Islands.  We have an interesting logical puzzle, is this a pushme-pullme or is it a pullme-pushme?


HEADS UP:  WE ENTERED THE NEW MOON PERIGEE SYZYGY PERIOD DURING THE PAST 24 HOURS.  The New Moon is now rising in its North Node and will be at its furthest North on April 21 when nascent Moon is over Japan.  The Moon will be highly potent during the next 48 hours, most likely to create larger than normal quakes in the Northern Hemisphere. The relative quiescence of the Baja Plate and California during the past three weeks may signal a build up of major shape-shifting stress against the Pacific Ocean and Baja Plates.  The next 96 hours is one of the two highest probability windows for Major Quakes in Western North America during 2007.

[4-9-07 ECB] FORECAST:  The next 15 days are going to be of exceptional interest, at least to me.  I expect a very active period at and just after the New Moon Perigee.  I expect that there will be a considerable flurry of activity in North America, ranging from Alaska to Central America, with at least one major quake (6.0 plus) in the Americas if not two or three.  I expect these will be preceded by major quakes in the great rift, both in the Mid Atlantic and on the East Pacific Rise. I expect to also see a major increase in Carib Plate quakes and volcanism.  Japan probably will also experience another major scary moment or two. Then expect to see first an outbreak of quakes in the Great Rift for a few days and then at least a week of subduction zone quakes, including another Great Quake (7.0 plus)


[4-16-07 ECB] Japan had one of its scary moments on this past Saturday.  A modest 5 class quake created some injuring and damages.


THE GREAT RIFT QUAKES OF FEBRUARY AND MARCH 07:  Please note that these quakes in the Atlantic Rift have occurred during the phase of a vigorously expanding wobble spiral, which is the usual timing of an increase in worldwide volcanism.  I suspect that these quakes in the Rifts were mainly associated with spreading rift and extensive volcanic "diking" (magma oozing up to fill the cracks).  If so, Atlantic ocean temperatures should increase during the next two years and accelerate Global Warming as well as accelerate the rate of melting in the Arctic.  This should also increase Atlantic hurricane ferocity in coming years.

In the framework of the next 45 days, these spreader quakes have likely set off slow-motion shape-shifting waves which will work themselves around the world during the next 30 days. All subduction zone areas in the Pacific Rim of Fire are likely to see higher incidences of quakes both in magnitude and frequency related to the lunar Syzygies and Perigees in March and April.  Especially, expect increased activity in the Carib Plate, western coast of  Spain/Portugal/Azores, in the Baja Plate, and subsequently along the western coast of North America from Alaska down to Panama. Ecuador/Peru area will also likely see increased activity.


There may be echoes of this pattern in the western Mediterranean, all the way to Italy and Aegean. Keep a close watch on Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius. 


[3-12-07 ECB]  I am abandoning the charts used by the U.S. government.  The political subdivisions are worthless and actually impede geological reasoning, but far worse is that accuracy and timeliness of the charts is an open question.

Last Seven Days - for earthquakes worldwide magnitude 4.0 plus and U.S. territorial magnitude 2.5 plus; for source list see





[4-16-07 ECB]  World volcanic activity has climbed for a second week in a row to bring the total of active volcanoes up from 29 two weeks ago 35 today (three added in the last seven days).  Lava and ash are more widely reported, the reports are more recent, and all of the barometer volcanoes such as Arenal, Kilauea, Fuego are quite active. Etna commenced another eruption with ash and lava but it and all others in the world were easily outclassed by Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean which continued erupting  with large lava fountains and multiple flows of lava which are now flowing into the ocean in at least five spots around the flanks of the huge volcano island.  As last week, Ecuador's Tungurahua is rumbling and pluming noisily, its Sangay is mostly emitting ash and so is Ecuador's Reventador. Guatemala's Fuego, Pacaya  and Santa Maria are steaming and pluming ash, Popo and Colima, are visibly active but remain considerably muted, as is apparently Soufriere Hills on Montserrat in the Carib Basin. Activity is now reported in four Kamchatka's volcanoes. Once again, no news on Japan's most recent two erupters, and very little new reports on Indonesia's several active volcanoes.

FROM PREVIOUS WEEKS:  Continue to watch especially for more activity in the Northern Arc of the Pacific Rim of Fire - Kamchatka Peninsula, Aleutians, Alaska, and Japan or Japanese waters, but probably the most threatening are the volcanoes on the Carib Plate (Mexico, Central America, the Carib islands) and the rival of activity in the Indonesian volcanoes.  New Zealand is also a hot bed of precursor signals, a major eruption in highly possible at any time.


About 20 to 30 volcanoes each year are very nearly in a continuous state of eruption.  The active volcanoes which are continuously erupting change their names only very slowly.  This means there is some turnover in the list, but it is generally at a low rate.  I have not computed it for yearly averages but it is likely in the range of about 15%.  

[4-16-07]  -Activity is up.  More ash and lava emissions are underway than the prior week.

Most Active Zones:

Australian Tectonic Plate (northern edge)



Japan - Kamchatka Peninsula & Northern Arc of Rim of Fire (Aleutians-Alaska)

Western Americas - Mexico to Peru


The Southwest Volcano Research Center has renamed itself the International Volcano Research Center.


General Note:   INTLVRC reached a 100% rate of accuracy in predicting eruptions, the first time in their history since 1989.  They also documented 69 eruptions during 2005 and 2006, which most likely defines a peak plateau.  I expect to see even higher in 2007 (based on Wobble parallels) and then another plateauing for a couple years.  So far, the year is beginning with higher than normal numbers for "alert list" volcanoes.  The list has generally begun the year in the range of 60 but it began the year at 71, a record, and is already at 73 just eight days into the year.  Some big events may be cookin'.

Conclusions Independently Reached From Data At The International Volcano Research Center (INTLVRC)


In early January the INTLVRC resets their counts.  They carried forward on the active list 16 volcanoes.  These are the volcanoes  which more or less are continuously erupting.  Since resetting their counts, the Active List is climbing rapidly (as of April 9, 2007 the list has doubled).

[4-16-07]   Alert List = 78 (up two from last last week)

[4-16-07]  Restless List = 9  (same as last week) - 4 Alaska, 2 New Zealand

[4-16-07]   Active List = 35 (up once again three over last week)

[3-18-07]  This recent increase in active volcanism so far during 2007 is consistent with and tends to confirm the vortex tectonics correlation of the trend of surges in world volcanism with the phase of the expanding seven year wobble cycle.  This current wave of  expansion also confirms the prediction made last year that 2007 would probably see an expansion of world volcanism. From this, more probable than not, increased heat flow by late 2007 and through-out 2008 should bring a noticeable surge in Global Warming symptoms, including another surge in "ocean dying".

[3-18-07]  Volcanoes To Watch:  Most of the active volcanoes are highly dangerous and spectacular eruptions could commence at any of over two dozen locations..



Side Note on INTLVRC's eruption prediction program.  They had a 100% rate of accuracy last year (2006) but they have already failed by one so far this year.   The volcano Huila in Columbia was NOT successfully forecasted by SWVRC's programme ERUPTION Pro 10.6 to erupt in 2007 as it had only a 18.51% probability of an event.


[4-9-07 ECB]  Below are some report summaries and links as prepared by John Seach at

no new reports this week were posted

[3-12-07 ECB] Interesting article about:

Ancient Supervolcano Rocked Washington State

Ancient "Supervolcano" Rocked Washington State

Richard A. Lovett
for National Geographic News
February 6, 2007

Tahoma (Rainier so-called by crazy white men) could easily become the same kind of event.


Vortex Tectonics: How earth's spin axis creates earthquakes, volcanoes & global warming.

Subscribers can now download a draft review of a few chapters of  "The Nine Trends Changing The World - 1875-2025" - How Global Warming Is Caused By Underwater Volcanism and Why Greenhouse Gas Is Just Hot Air"


[11-06-06]  I can now provide numbers and graphs which demonstrate that the current Global Warming trends CAN ONLY be produced by underwater volcanism.  The rising CO2 in the atmosphere is also likely produced by underwater volcanism, which is occurring at a rate underwater which is at least 10,000 times greater than surface volcanism.  With these numbers I am finalizing the proofs of Edgar Cayce’s Earth Change prophecies.  Global Warming is the “fire” of the Phoenix. 


Mean Annual Heat Flux Into The Oceans:  109 Terawatt

This is the amount of mean steady-state heat flux required to cause the warming of the World Ocean from 1957 to 1998.  This amount is three times greater than old theories.


Mean Minimum Annual Heat Flux Into The Oceans:  ~33 Terawatt

(although this is the widely-quoted number in the scientific literature, this is based purely on old-timey speculations which have little basis in actual fact; modern observations provide the basis to reasonably infer much higher numbers)


Mean Maximum Observed Peak Flairs Of Heat Flux:  ~1000 Terawatt
(from observed underwater volcanic eruptions of  a few weeks in duration)


Likely Range Of Annual Volcanic Heat Flux Into The Bottom Of The Oceans:  33 to 150 Terawatt. (This estimate is based on an extensive review of the literature of marine geology and oceanography for the past 25 years.  Numbers were compiled by many authors for various types of underwater volcanism and their numbers are added together to define this range).  They are being added together for the first time here in the Earth Changes Bulletin.  Much more to come.


The last item provides plenty of energy to sustain an empirically-based speculation that Global Warming is caused by underwater volcanism. This is a far more realistic source than the theorized small amount of "reflected heat" from a minute amount of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere.


The implications of this "discovery" are profound.  On the one hand "Greenhouse Gases" are not a direct threat to the climate and spending money on eradication of CO2 emissions in order to stop Global Warming is misguided.  On the other hand, the oceans are slowly warming and climate is changing radically and there is not much we can do about either one.  Furthermore, we have no clear empirical way to estimate what this trend will do in the future.  We can however look back into the past and observe that both short term and long term fluctuations do occur and the amount of change has often swung much further into higher temperatures, higher acidification of the oceans, and wider climate extremes.  In other words, we have no idea what is going to happen next, on empirical grounds, but it can change profoundly more than we know how to describe and can anticipate.


The long and short of it is that Global Warming is a serious threat to all human cultures and it must be assiduously dealt with on every level to avoid profound tragedy.




GEOPOLITICAL WATCH:  Strategic Assessments

( Mass Behavior, War & Peace, Politics, Black Arts Nation )



Mass Behavior:

CHECK OUT MOOD ALERT:  8 Point Alert for April 16 2007

Check out the Mood Alert occasionally at
It is astrologically oriented but incorporates solar and geophysical indexes as well.  Cautionary note:  they confuse planetary conjuctions (an astrological term which describes relative positions with the Earth in the center reference point) by calling them planetary alignments, which is an ASTRONOMICAL term which denotes relative positions with the Sun as the center reference point.  We wish they wouldn't do that.  The EC Bulletins uses only a Solar-oriented frame of reference to track planetary alignments.



 THIS MESSAGE IS STILL THE CRUX OF MATTER:  The flux is moving simultaneously in both a positive and a negative direction, completing the polarization of North America and birthing the division of Americans into one of two societies.  On one hand is the same old Jingo Party, originally led by Andrew Jackson, who started the  Indian Wars to make the world safe for his kind and his fellow slavers, whose Jingoism and Wars have continued unabated fashioning the New World Order Empire. On the other hand is the same old Peace Party, composed of  the same old prairie populists, spiritual idealists, and Sitting Bull conservatives who are resisting the same old assertions of nationalism and wars with foreign powers to expand the powers of the plutocrats.  The battleground between these societies is the Mass Media industry, as it has always been.  It is in the media that the soul of America will finally be found or discovered to be finally lost under a mountain of lies for the people who inhabit the continent.  Even as the spirit stirs to create powerful political conditions to block the Jingoes  and move the U.S. towards peace policies, the Jingoes have begun a massive counter-attack to poison the mind and emotions of Americans with another round of Boogiemen.  Be afraid, America, be very afraid, the Jingoes exclaim in every media, the Boogiemen of Iran are out to get you!


[2-27-07 ECB] The spirit is now moving decisively and is  rising with determination to gain the upper hand.  The American public now sees through the Punch and Judy show of entrenched plutocrat politics, the worthlessness of the Warcast Media, and the lying deceptions on which lunatics are attempting to engineer a New World Empire.  More, the public now also knows that a majority truly knows.  As this consciousness of a new shared majority consensus reality blooms into greater certainty, positive political, legal, and economic change will begin to flow. Bush has become a sort of historical toxic pill which has caused the body politic to begin a a long process of rejecting the poisons of many decades which had nearly overcome it.  Like the King of the Rohirrim, whose mind and will had become numbed by the cleverly lying tongue of the ambitious Warmtongue, Americans are awakening to the realization of the truth about the parasitical pirates who infect its political and economic institutions and who have led a once successful Republic into a wholly corrupt and increasingly evil empire.  Even as all seems nearly lost under the assault of the Rings of Power, the Will to the Good is rising.  A deep, profound psychological moment has come to North America, the mind of its people are changing rapidly in many fundamental ways.  This rising tide will lift all useful institutions, and flood out the rotten ones.




 [3-18-07 ECB]  Bears are thrashing around and salivating everywhere. This economic collapse seems cosmically destined to parallel closely the collapse of imperial pretensions and the expansionary expeditions in southern Eurasia.  All comes home during the next 24 months. We will all be plucking chickens for a good while.


 [3-5-07 ECB]  ALL IS AS PREDICTED IN THE THREE FOLLOWING ITEMS BELOW THIS ONE.  You will see continued seesaws this year, up and down, with the general trend slowly down.  The precipitous collapse will come some time within the next two years when the world finally realizes that the age of the American Wehrmacht is done and its war industry is folding. Since the War Industry is the last major manufacturing sector in the U.S. economy, its collapse (from lack of demand) will induce the final collapse of the North American economy.  Eurasian economy will re-generate with the re-alignment of import and export markets between China, Russia, India, Europe, and Islamic Middle East.  None of these blocks needs North America and Russia's Putin is already building the future of the world based on this realization.  Having cast off the paralyzing straightjacket of ideology, China and Russia are demonstrating the infinite power of common sense, humbly applied.  

[2-27-07 ECB]  CONFIRMED, THIS ITEM:  [1-29-07 ECB]  Propredictions warns that a major "correction" in financial markets is coming in a matter of weeks.  (This is a majority opinion of a panel of professional psychics).

[2-27-07 ECB]  The sag today will not be permitted to continue.  On Wednesday the markets will seesaw back and forth but the Cabal's off-shore computers (in the Federal Reserve Monopoly) will begin ambitious program buying to create sudden surging demand to stabilize prices and even bring this back up a bit.  However, in general, the markets will sag and all world equities will sink to some extent as a massive wave of loss of confidence flows over the world.  We are all now one and we can see the profound reality of this truth in this moment.  The world's war hysteria about the demented madmen in control of Washington DC is sapping everything.  Confidence in everything is declining, increasing instability and economic recession is seen as the most likely outcome of the continued reign of the Cheney/Bush Junta.  Thus we are clearly on a descending trend line now, though there will be ups and downs, false negatives and positives.  There is considerable evidence to suppose that the bankers are as anxious as any to be rid of the Cheney/Bush Junta.  If so, they are likely to allow markets to fall during the coming months just enough to give everyone a strong message that Bush is killing the economy.  ALL THIS ON EDGAR CAYCE'S 25 YEAR TIME LINE.


[1-22-07 ECB]  The collapse of oil prices tells us that the economy is indeed sagging.  The Oil Plutocrats are "correcting" the economy by stimulating business and consumers with lower energy prices.  Despite a modest loss of the international value of the dollar during the past year, the oil bubble has been broken along with the real estate bubble.  The only thing which will push oil prices up this year will be an Israeli/American attack on Iran.  WATCH OUT NOW FOR THE STOCK MARKETS.  ALL SOURCES INCLUDING PSYCHIC SOURCES ARE PROCLAIMING THAT MAJOR CORRECTIONS ARE COMING VERY SOON.  Substantial corrections are being called for the next few weeks, another round much later in the year.

[12-11-06 ECB]  CHINA & THE TRILLION DOLLAR DUMP?  Many sources on the Iway and in the establishment print media, such as the Washington Post, are speculating loudly about the coming collapse of the American Dollar, to be caused in no small part by the decision of China to "dump" their now vast holdings of U.S. dollars (accumulated from the U.S. deficit in the U.S. balance of payments during the past ten years or so) . From this some are drawing the hasty and alarmist conclusion that the dollar will crash suddenly and perversely.  Is such likely?  Frankly I doubt it very strongly.  In the first place, the trillion dollars of U.S. dollars owned by China represents a very large proportion of China's collective savings from the last ten years of economic activity.  If it were yours, would you dump it?  Not likely.  Neither for you, China, nor me.  More likely you would seek arrangements in a number of ways to discretely "spend" the dollars and end up with assets whose value will inflate with any decrease in the value of the dollar.  Is this why we are seeing the irrational lending in the housing market, the current exuberent stock market bubble, etc.  Almost certainly. Almost certainly Chinese money is involved, large blocks of it.   In this way, market forces have been steadily readjusting the value of the dollar for the past 18 months, progressively lowering its value vis a vis everything else, EXCEPT labor.  Labor in both the U.S. and China is progressively losing international parity in value.  This is a "tax" the Chinese seem willing to pay.  What is now new as a result of the recent round of international conferences?  China appears to have completely rebuffed Bush and his imperials.  They appear to have indicated that the Chinese currency will be floated slightly, probably to allow about a 5% to 10% increase in prices, but that's it.  Why?  The answer may be inscrutable.  But it may lie partly in the simple truth that this is the cheapest and easiest way for China, which is after all is said and done a socialist economy, to come into greater and greater ability to defend itself from all capitalist comers, including the Rockefeller/Rothschild Cabal.  The more U.S. dollars the Chinese "own", the more power they have over the American economy and institutions. The more that the U.S. is dependent upon Chinese manufacturing, the greater control China can exert over the destiny of the world. It is that simple.  Eventually, all they have to do is "threaten" to move their money in a certain direction and the entire U.S. economy will tremble.  This is a far more powerful defense strategy than any combination of military assets.  We may now be at this point. Are the Chinese this clever?  Again, an inscrutable truth.  But observe, other than Castro's Cuban revolution, the Chinese communist party is the world's ONLY successful communist party. Despite Mao's destructive demented period, they were smart enough with and after Deng to not only hold the country together, they transferred power peacefully in national elections twice, and they have progressively created a decentalized bureacracy which extols a market economy.  Now all agree, they are busy expanding their market economy as fast as possible. When, the U.S. cannot pay for goods in ways which the Chinese desire, they will have markets throughout Africa, the Middle-East, and Europe for what they are currently selling to the U.S.  Insofar as the debt the U.S. is piling up with China, the U.S. still has plenty of assets which the Chinese could eventually demand.  Space technology.  Black Arts military technology. The Rockefeller/Rothschild Central Bank Accounts.  Etc. In other words, from a long-range social engineering perspective, which the communists do, slow incremental steps in adjusting directions and balances are far more likely to be seen as the most intelligent choices.  Since all current trends are rapidly weakening the U.S. and its Zionazi partners, while strengthening China's holdings, growth, and world influence, sudden "dumps" are likely to be seen as stupid as shooting yourself in the foot.  Having said all this, I expect that another "trim" in the value of the U.S. dollar will easily reach another 20% this year.  Have you seen what has happened across the board in convenience store prices?  Totally unreal.  Inflation in many basic necessity sectors is roaring.

[12-11-06 ECB]  Why is all  the money flooding into the stock market running up the prices?  Many reasons no doubt but two large factors are, (1) that money which used to speculate in real estate has no where else to go and, (2) international dollars are becoming El Cheapo, as can be see in the graph below, much too easy to acquire.  Where else do you want to dump your dollars?  Where else can you dump your dollars?  For these reasons the stock market will hang onto the bitter end of the economic crash of the American empire, which is now just beginning to occur. It will take most of 2007 apparently to play out the collapse.  As it proceeds, the establishment is likely to embrace impeaching Bush as a last ditch effort to retain credibility but it will be far too late.


[12-04-06 ECB]  Here in this graph below is a snapshot of what is happening to the U.S. Economy. Americans are all  loosing a portion of their relative value vis a vis the rest of the world.  As discussed in "The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006", the bankers are slowly shifting the world's value into the Euro, letting the U.S. adrift.  This is how the Rothschild Syndicate has decided to "bill us" for the Tragedy in Iraq. This chart reveals only the down payment.  Wait to you see the end of 2007. The euro will easily cost in the range of $1.50 - $1.60.  Bye-bye Miss American Pie, here you can see it slipping right on out the door.


Read this chart by asking what the cost of a Euro (in dollars) was at any point in the year.  The answer is in the right hand column.


During the next year the Chinese are going to be forced to revalue their output to maintain a better parity with the rouble and the euro. This will begin the next round of consumer price inflation in the U.S. even while asset deflation begins to follow the breaking of the housing bubbles. Go here and read this story on the mounting hysteria about what the Chinese are going to do with their trillion dollar surplus::


[10-23-06]  Slowing in all critical regards. Highly recommend that you read Lou Dobbs latest book to penetrate the phony lingo and pitches of the Republicrat shills.


[11-06-06]  Answering a subscriber (and many others):


From: grammies
Subject: Predictions Review
X-Accept-Language: en-us, en


After reviewing your dire predictions:

The "Coming Economic Collapse Of 2006"

How do you reconcile the DOW rise above 12000 and the excellent state of the U.S. economy with your predictions?


[11-06-06] MWM:  Comments:  Dear Grammies, read below. The three articles below I believe provide a good update of the logic presented in the "Coming Economic Collapse of 2006".


Access them all together by going to the ECB Economic Trends



Autumn economic forecasts 2006-2008: solid growth and unemployment and deficits falling


Can the Economy Survive the Housing Bust?

Fortune on
By Jon Birger


The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown
By Mike Whitney


War & Peace:


So at the moment it appears that all hangs in the balance...twisting partly on the whims of a moron and the incubus which has enthralled it, partly on how many good and astute people stand up to declare the perfectly obvious.  Most likely the first step must be to completely sandbag the moron hiding in the bushes of the White House grounds.  Democrats should, for all great and moral purposes, as well as for purely political expediency, immediately undertake to impeach the Cheney/Bush Junta.


[3-12-07}  Don't look now, but I believe that George Bush has just bitch-slapped Congress and the American people one more time.  The Junta has just ordered 8,500 more soldiers to Iraq and is now informing congress that it needs even more unlimited spending allowances.  Isn't it amazing how short the lie cycle has become.  I believe they can now be measured in half-lives of 30 days. Meanwhile, the attempts of the Democrats in Congress to confront the Junta have fallen flat, too enfeebled to have any effect at all, too vaporous to mount a solid opposition to the War Plan to blow Iran back to the stone age.  In a perverse and ugly way, the right wing Wicked Witch of the East, Anne Coulter, is right.  The Democrats, collectively, are wimps-in-action, or was that non-action?  Ironically, the best leadership exhibited among the Democratic candidates was John Edwards, who forthrightly refused to be involved with debates sponsored by Warcast Fox.  That is what we are looking for.  Leadership which acts.


THE ISSUE IS THIS: The problem in Iraq is George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. They are incompetent, demented, luney-tune morons whose leadership has catastrophically squandered the legacy of the American people. The only responsible plan, and THE ONLY PLAN WHICH WILL WORK IS TO IMPEACH BOTH MEN, along with Condeleeza Rice, THE SOONER THE BETTER. These people must be forced out of power as soon as possible. Nothing else will successfully defend the Republic and end this horrible international tragedy.

SO THEN THE PROBLEM BECOMES THIS: How to force Congress to take up consideration of the clear and present danger to the Republic and impeach these lunatic criminals who quite obviously are working secret agendas for beyond the interests of the American people? There is one clear and obvious answer. The American people, need to demonstrate a concerted, over-powering will to reveal to Bush just who really is the "decider". The American people need to personally communicate at every opportunity to everyone, at every level, in as many ways as possible, one overwhelming decision: IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY. Start with buttons and bumberstickers. Wear signs, write letters, communicate anywhere, everywhere, however. Do not wait for marches and demonstrations. Buy some impeach buttons and call your neighbors and see if they want one.















































Everyone must put their finger in the dike. I began in late 2002 with a severely radical critique of the jingoism and mass-media programming which was driving Americans into an imperial expansion which would fail.  At that time many of my subscribers grumbled and complained about my politics and questioned my judgment. They don't anymore. Now they see the truth of the matter in their own terms.

Put your finger in the dike. Do something personal, anything you think appropriate, EVERY DAY, to communicate the overwhelming need to IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY.  Finally, when the mass media fully realizes that it is a dodo out to lunch and cannot persuade a carrot of the legitimacy of the powers that be, they will relent and rush to the head of the pack to continue their pretense of leadership.  Congress then will throw in the towel and commence impeachment.

It may take a full year of maintaining this relentless focus of will.  Do it.

You might want to check out






In November, I predicted:  "First, Democrats will allow themselves to be sucked into a new initiative by the Cabal to "rescue" the failed plan in Iraq. It will take them about six months more to realize that there is absolutely NO MILITARY STRATEGY WHICH WILL WORK."   Intelligence appears to be slowly returning to North America.  Both Democrats and a great many Republicans have seen the light and have concluded that military strategy will not work in the Middle East, most especially under King George.  Sentiment to draw the Imperial Adventure to an end is now overwhelming.  After announcement of a another Iraq Nam escalation in military involvement, euphemistically called a "surge" by propaganda shills, widespread rejection of the machinations of the Imperial Junta has become openly discussed among nearly all circles in the U.S.

This week, announcements made by Democrats aimed at stopping "the surge", have brought King George to announce grandly that Congressional opposition will have no effect on his plans and decisions about Iraq, which now includes daily agit-prop against Iran.  From this it is clear that the main problem in the world today is the continuation of the Bush Presidency.  Increasingly, all vectors in American and international society are beginning to meet at the place where Bush's removal from office, however that occurs, is the only solution which will bring forth the final inevitable tragic conclusion of this long national nightmare.

So far as "the surge", which is just another further escalation of the U.S. into a permanent state of war and a mercenary economy to support the Imperial Junta and its nouveau world-scope "Globalist" aristocracy of old-world Anglo/Yankee/German/Jewish plutocrats, Bush likely will have his way until it brings his utter ruin.  Under his administration and the military doctrines and procedures of the New World Order, which includes using jets to bomb civilian apartments, the intensification of military activity in Baghdad will turn portions of it into bloody and crude killing fields, similar to the brutal excesses at Ramahdi. As his platoons and jets ravage the city, and his propaganda mills attempt to excite war fever against Iran, worldwide opposition to such warfare in general and to King Bush The Arrogant Swagger in particular will reduce American politics and government to gridlock, meltdown, and a final desperate effort to cut the war machine off from funds which deepen the tragedy while seeking to remove Bush from power.

The strong intensification of polarization against Bush during the past few weeks provides room to hope that the institutional powers will yet gather focus and sufficient strength to sideline Bush and begin the liquidation of the tragedy in Iraq.





More probable than not, the objective will be something along the lines of the Zionist butchering of Lebanon during 2006: bomb as much as you can back to the stone age.  Most likely the False Flag Bomb Attack will be provocations in Iraq against American Forces, something daring enough with Iranian weapons to suggest they must have had a hand in it.  The Cabal's agents don't dare try it in the U.S. this time around.  They are perfectly aware they would have 10,000 private investigators instantly raking over every nano-particle of evidence for clues to the Cabal's involvement. In Iraq, everything can be kept hidden in the Fog of War.  Fortunately, fear of hidden imperial intrigue has become widespread and these realizations are fueling the abrupt and aggressive mood of the American public to end Bush's access to the killing fields. 



Impeachment, ten years of follow-through litigations,  and ultimately JAIL for High Crimes and Treason.



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