NEW CHART RELEASE WHICH PROVES THAT POLAR MOTION PHASES REGULATE EL NINO (and probably the other climate oscillations in the Northern Atlantic and the Indian Oceans):  Click Here! Composed fresh for the revised edition of the Return of the Phoenix, a new expanded chart shows the track of Earth's Wobble up and down the Greenwich Meridian (called the X Axis of polar motion by geophysicists) for the period 1890-2006.  Incorporated also is color coding for the Wobble X MAX (largest spiral in the Wobble every seven years as measured on its X Axis), the Wobble X MIN (smallest spiral in the Wobble every seven years) and the years of the El Nino.  The correlation in this stunning chart is much clearer than before, during the past 106 years, with only two exceptions, an El Nino does not occur during either an X MAX or an X MIN phase.  It typically occurs on the transitions between the two phases.  On the basis of the correlations, I am predicting that the DOA El Nino of 2006/07 was not a peak of El Nino oscillation year.  Because the wobble is now leaving its MIN PHASE, or did so in the main during 2006, I predict that a much stronger El Nino will occur in 2007/08.  Or if not, it will occur 2008 and quickly abort in 2009, but almost certainly it will not appear in the next X MAX, which is due 2009/2010. After the current wobble cycle matures during the next six months, I will tighten this prediction.


The anomaly of 2006, during which the Spin Axis "hung" for nearly two months in one place, and then re-commenced its wobble spiral in a nearly perfect "cartoid" (see Wikipedia) prompted me to look for other similar anomalies between 1890-2006.  (Cartoids are termination points of an inward spiral curve from which a new spiral begins to curve outward, the moment of the yin becoming yang).   During the course of this search, I discovered to my horror that all of the IERS databases have been updated, making all of my graphs theoretically out-dated.  So...after spending a month and a half restructuring my databases and rebuilding all my graphs, plus a lot of new ones, I have come to a new level of understanding about the Spin Axis and its history, all of which most remarkably corroborate Cayce's predictions and add profundity of understanding about the coming avalanche of the crust.  I found more cartoids in various MIN phases of the wobble, just enough to establish a 99 year base line of movement from cartoid moment to moment (the majority of the "moments" are indistinguishable).  I found that the average rate of drift for the century using only the cartoid points to define the location of the Spin Axis is nearly a dead letter match for the average drift computed by mathematician Joachim Hopfner (google him).  (I calculate about 12.5 centimeters per year).  I also found, which Hopfner's averages do not reveal, a variable rate of drift which corresponds very well with Cayce's earth changes dates.  All of that was stunning enough, but even more stunning was the realization that these cartoid moments occur during the early months of the year, typically January through March.  Since these wobble moments are ALMOST ALWAYS during VERY SMALL MIN phases, during which the Earth has not wobbled much for many weeks, hence the Spin Axis has not shifted hardly at all for a significant spell, it finally struck me that at these "cartoid moments" we find the Earth in a state of nearly perfect balance of all vectors.  Literally the wobble ceases at these moments but it is slowly regenerated during the year and then is "hit" by Perihelion gravity interference.  This drag of Solar gravity on the Southern Hemisphere (which is the heaviest side of the Earth) induces a greater swing or spiral motion in the wobble and continues to deepen the spiral for at least two or three annual Perihelion moments.  BUT, whenever the Spiral Swing  reaches maximum on the X Axis (the Atlantic Quadrant of the Earth) AFTER THE SUMMER SOLSTICE, the Sun's gravity tug falls out of phase with the 14 month long wobble (the Southern Hemisphere) and the wobble begins to decline in size towards the next MIN. (The Sun creates, the Sun destroys).  The "cartoid moments" are the points when the Earth recovers its balance until the gravity vectors line up again to pull the Earth's Spin into another wobble.  This appears to be about every two to three wobble cycles (many of which are seven years long, some a little less).  This can all be seen clear as a bell in the giant scrolling charts I have constructed (and will share in a few weeks).  The complete equation of the wobble is more complex, of course, it is essentially a beat function between orbital gravity vectors, the annual precession of the heavy side of the Earth towards Perihelion, the Moon's adding and subtracting, and the "plastic" reactions of components of the Earth's crust.  BUT, I part company here with the weather-related geophysicists.  It  can be seen without doubt in properly constructed graphs that solar/lunar influence is about 90% of the wobble.  Some scientists are currently maintaining that Earth's fluids are the main source of the wobble.  Sorry, not to be, it is the heavy Southern Hemisphere and the Sun's gravity, the fluids affect less than 10%.


The graphs for all this will be added into a "Storyboard" about the wobble. This is coming within a couple of weeks to registered subscribers with passwords.  The generalizations which are constructed in this storyboard will become the basis on which I both finish the verification of Cayce's predictions and construct a new scenario of a likely way in which the crust will avalanche and can be foreseen.   We probably will not be able to predict the exact year, wobble cycle, and date, but we will see what's coming well in advance.  I am completely certain now that it will occur during a Wobble MAX phase during the first half of the year, in a wobble cycle which has "lost its bearings" by becoming far too large.