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Agenda For

The "Changes In The Earth" website is dedicated to developing four mutually supporting programs to assay, analyze, and share "whole systems" perspective and information about the constantly changing flux in the "cosmic frame" above our heads and on and in the  Earth.  The four programs are:

1. The Earth Changes Bulletin provides an on-going observation and analysis of the dynamic flux of events which shape our lives and the Earth;

2. The Earth Changes Almanac provides a brief forecast for the year ahead about major trends and phenomenon in the Earth as well as background information about the concepts, methods, and sources used in the Bulletin;

3. The Earth Changes Monitor provides links to the Iway context which provides the primary sources of world data and reports from which the Bulletin, Almanac, and Gallery are composed;

4. The Earth Changes Gallery is a collection of graphs, charts, tables, and images which tell the story of how the Earth has changed, is changing, and is likely to change; it is organized to demonstrate a variety of correlations and parallels which prove or validate the central unifying paradigm of Vortex Tectonics.

Through the "Earth Changes Bulletin", which is one of the four programs, information about the geophysical tides and tectonic events of  the Earth and cycles in human affairs is garnered and shared on the web and through email subscription circuits.  Occasional daily Bulletins share special reports, articles, and news items which provide important information and perspective about human affairs and the changing dynamics in the Earth, such as "Global Warming".  A "Weekly Update" provides regular briefs, predictions, and forecasts about Solar Activity surges and cycles and their likely impacts on weather and climate trends.  The Weekly Updates also provide a watch on Global Warming issues, Tectonic Activity, and seasons, surges, and trends in both Earthquake and Volcano events. The Bulletin serves as a "tripwire" about the trends of major change in the Earth and as a "medium" for presenting and analyzing leading-edge concepts and new correlations in advance of academic channels and  standard scientific publications.    Accordingly, reasonable speculation is respectable fare in the Bulletin.   Some speculations and forecasts are remarkably successful, some are miserable failures.  But more often than not, the Bulletin is creating the fodder for a greatly improved understanding about how the entire Earth, including the human species, behaves as a unified system within a definite Cosmic Frame to produce a variety of connected events.  As of May 2008, the Bulletin is still in an early stage of development, the primary author hopes to expand its scope through the creation of a small professional staff of earth systems journalists who can do holistic science.

The "Earth Changes Almanac" is designed as a "context" for the Bulletin Weekly Updates.  The Almanac provides a manual of FAQ's and background information about the concepts, methods, and sources used in the Bulletin.  It also is organized to provide forecasts for the year ahead about major trends and phenomenon in the Earth and in human affairs.  Consider it a "Farmer's Almanac" with a broader perspective on annual and long term  "changes in the Earth". Originally conceived in 2004, the Almanac fell out of date. It is in process of being updated for 2008/2009.

The "Earth Systems Monitor" is a portal to a variety of the best web resources for observing any aspect of the Earth.  Some of the  information which can be harvested from these sources is used on a regular and irregular basis to create the content for the Earth Changes Bulletin, Almanac, and Gallery.  This program is very much created by visitors, most of the links to great web resources were originally found and sent by subscribers and fellow travelers. 

The "Earth Changes Gallery" is a tour of the spinning, wobbling, living, breathing, ever-changing, evolving Earth and its Cosmic Frame (principally the Solar System).  It is written in web "generalise" to enable a world audience of educated people to get the big picture of how the world really works.  But it is also highly scientific, rigorously disciplined, and works with the most advanced concepts of geology, climatology, geophysics, astrophysics. 

The primary objective in the Gallery is to advance a new holistic science of the Earth based on the principles of "Vortex Tectonics".  The author intends to completely displace the old 20th century paradigms which have grown up in the discrete (specialized) scientific practices and fragmented literatures. The Gallery will displace them by building, phenomenon by phenomenon, a unitary model which contains the principal dynamic flux which shapes this island Earth within the vast Cosmic Sea.

There is no Earth Science worth a tinker's tiddlywink which does not transparently unify astrophysics, oceanography, and geophysics into a flow of flux which outlines and illumines geological history.  From this, an understanding can be derived of all else of the physical Earth, including its changing climate regimes and biosphere. It is the contention of the Earth Changes Gallery that Vortex Tectonics IS the outline of the dynamic flux which shapes the Earth.

The main method for proving this contention is to monitor and relate the primary flux of change in the Earth and its atmosphere which directly and obviously correlates or parallels with the motions of the prime movers, namely the Earth-Moon-Sun system of orbital and spin relationships set within the larger Cosmic Frame created by our complete Solar System.

One word summarizes this vast dance.  The Vortex.  The motions of the primary movers through the vortex created by their mutual orbital space create all the flux of change in and on the Earth and shape its very structure, which earth scientists call its tectonics.  Hence, Vortex Tectonics.

the specialists

the specialists, discrete events.  no frame, no flux....

the vortex - the prime movers. the actual energy flux

the living real Earth.

It is easy to demonstrate that the timing of nearly all if not all cycle and events on and of the Earth, including even the expansions and contractions of semantic intelligence and human civilizations, can be correlated with the infinitely short and long orbital cycles and various fluctuations in the motions of the prime movers of the Cosmic Frame.

In fact, the Gallery does just that by presenting the graphs, tables, pictures, and charts of the vortexian dance and how the observable phenomenon on Earth correlates and parallels with the motions of Earth's Vortex.  The Gallery lays out the "big picture", as far back as millions of years ago. 

At this stage in the development of this website, the focus is mostly upon building the principles and correlations which demonstrate how the Cosmic Frame induces the physical earth to move (its crust) and produce the various events (earthquakes and volcanism) which gradually shape the features, structure (tectonics), and climate regimes which we experience on the surface of the Earth.  Towards this end, a significant Gallery of charts, images, tables, and graphs is being assembled to document in general terms how in fact the Earth does move and how this shapes the dynamic flux of yesterday, today, and likely tomorrow.

The Gallery lays out some major departures from existing theorems. Even with just a quick tour of the Gallery one can easily see that the holistic correlation of Earth's activity proves the reality of Global Warming but easily defeats the Greenhouse Theory of Global Warming. Most importantly, the Gallery demonstrates the most probable cause of Global Warming, namely underwater Volcanism. Through charts and graphs, one can easily see that Al Gore's one dimensional U.N. chart about the connection between Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas can't hold a candle to the correlation with trends of accelerating tectonic activity (most especially volcanism). 

The Gallery clearly reveals that some geophysicists and geologists are misleading themselves with presumptive,  solipsistic notions about how the Earth works, including its Wobble and ocean climate regimes. One of the major findings which the Gallery reveals is that El Nino is almost certainly a product of underwater volcanism in the tropical zone of the East Pacific Rift.

Because of its disciplined approach, the Gallery provides a way for peer review of the claims of Vortex Tectonics and for others to discretely add their own commentaries and materials to the montage of Vortex Tectonics.  Additions are definitely welcome but please keep in mind that the Gallery is primarily designed to showcase visual data, not articles.  All discussions material should be designed to present graphs, pix, or tables which reveal a fundamental parallel in the dynamic flux of the Earth. All discussion should be conducted in real English. To overcome the Tower of Confusing Babble which late industrial age academic discussions have become, one must return to the root to re-establish intelligible communication.

nexus related to certain grave issues:

day by day to decade by decade, how to see what is coming and how to ride out the flux of change

NWO  Chemtrails DU  Food and Water Pollutions Massive Political Fraud War & Peace

Changes In The Earth  Shifting of the Poles  Religious Insanity

At this stage in its development, the Earth Changes website is considered by the author to be in its infancy.

Developing through the context of a single author, intend to transition to an extended group participation, similar to a sort of Wikipedia.




This section is designed to provide links to all those "fellow travelers", contributing gad flies, and special sources.



As of May 2008, the Almanac and the Gallery are available only in draft form, some sections not complete and occasionally not formatted well.





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