The Coming Economic Collapse Of 2006



Section Four

The Global Media Shift

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The Old Hopi sighed and stirred the fire to keep it going. "We got a lot more to think about", he said sadly. "We haven't even got to what the words from the sly foxes in the boxes have been saying and doing." He pulled down another well worn book and paged knowingly to a special place. He adjusted his glasses and began to read slowly: "Of course the people don't want war... Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany... that is understood... But voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

Hermann Goering
to Gustave Gilbert, author of "Nuremberg Diary"
Farrar, Straus and Company, 1947, pp. 278-279.)
as quoted by The Old Hopi, 2003
in "Transmutations", MW Mandeville, 2003


The profound economic and political changes which are sweeping the globe at many levels are amplified or repressed in countless ways by the global media on a daily basis. To understand the shifts which are sweeping the globe and the likely economic conditions we will have to confront, it is essential to understand how the global media influences and shapes the world. The media does not just report on what is happening, the media shapes and defines what is happening and what can happen.

This is an awesome power and it is not nearly so benign nor objective as we are cajoled into thinking. Some cliques have learned how to practice this power as a dark art of sorcery to conjure up spells of illusion and emotive responses which channel the flow of history. Some of them are politicians, some are terrorists, some work deep in the bowels of the CIA and the Pentagon and similar agencies around the world, and more than a few populate the boardrooms of corporations and the halls of advertising agencies.

For any individual, group, or movement to realistically address the future, these mass media powers and how they have been used must be understood. It is well worth spending the next hour getting the basics of this screwed on right. It is not very difficult and I will use no cheat words, I will pull no punches.

There is no turning back, this Section is terminal for superficial reality systems. When you are through with this essay you may hate the author, for these arguments are designed to ruthlessly strip away from your mind certain cultured veils of illusion, especially the ones which are most comfortable. They are the deadliest of all illusions.

You may end up in pain, but you will at minimum be partially liberated from decades of conditioning in the mind trance of the Republicrat "American Dream" which is re-run perennially by New York's mass media outlets.

We will begin with the simple basics of omission and selection for defining the news without seeming to be anything other than an intrepid reporter. From there we will move to "the slant" by which reporters and editors lead the minds of their audiences in preferred directions. Then we will examine how the arts of mass manipulation have been used to channel the flow of mass reaction, concensus, and historical action through the same perennial "story lines".

Within the American context, the most important story line of all has been the "American Dream" within the perennially reappearing play of "Manifest Destiny". We will look at many of the repeating acts of this play, from the early 19th century through to the Imperial Faction's invasion of Iraq. By seeing how this play is recycled every generation or so with the same ploys, the same tactics of selection and ommission, the same claims which slant and warp the minds of na´ve people, and with essentially the same vision by a similar powerful elite of super wealthy people and "special commercial interests", we will come to a much deeper understanding of the true dynamics in the world. We will also be far less susceptible to the dark powers of the "Sorcerers" who pretend to the control of history.


The first basic of mass manipulation is selecting what is and what is not to be observed. Reporters and editors react to events and amplify their significance by selecting only a few of them to write up and transmit as "stories" to mass audiences. What the media people select, and how they react to what they have selected, profoundly defines the nature of what most people think is going on.

The second basic of mass manipulation, and don't ever forget this cardinal point, is that with its selections (and ommissions), the mass media sets the basic agenda of politics. It does this far more decisively and with much greater impact than the comparatively feeble efforts of politicians or political parties. How and when people respond to WHAT events, trends and economic signals is greatly influenced by what media is available to them, the content which is served up, and, most especially, the attitude or slant with which the information is shaped into "views" of the "news".

The media presents, purportedly, the agendas of politicians and various groups in society. But in the process of selecting the politicians about whom they will report, the media actually shape and set the public agenda. During this process, one of the greatest tattle-tales of their own agenda in "creating" the news is found by observing the "who" and "what agenda" they select to tell about. Which candidates are ignored, or given much less coverage than others? Which candidates get the most coverage? What issues get immediate attention? What issues are never reported on? The answers to these questions do not tell you about the news, definitely not what may be important, nor even what it is that people, the audience, want to know. These answers tell you what the editors and reporters want to put into your life to change your consciousness and behavior.

To see how the process of selection works to define the news without even seeming to, observe how editors and reporters present the "news" related to politicians, political groups, and their controversies. Do editors and reporters select right wing think tanks along the Potomac funded by the ultra-rich Coors family to tell us what Hispanics in California and Idaho are thinking? Or do they ask Hispanics in California and Idaho what they are thinking? Or what? Do they ask an instant talking head expert in Virginia to tell us what Iraqis think, or do they ask Iraqis? Do the major news networks devote hundreds of hours of news broadcast time to presentation of Republican primaries and convention meetings while providing only a few minutes to discussions in the Green Party about what the major issues are? Or what?

In June 2003 one could quite clearly see the selection process at work in choosing a Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. As the mass media reported on the debates and public appearances of the field of nine or so presidential hopefuls, the cameras and reporter comments kept fixating on Dean and Kerry, with cameo appearances of Reverend Al Sharpton (no doubt to avoid the overt appearance of racism). Commentators, from their fixation and conversational slant, pretty much have Dean and Kerry "selected" as the only viable "real" candidates, the others all suffering from the tootoo's, either too young, too female, too progressive, or too old fashioned.

In terms of mass national support, almost all entirely generated through the internet, the most well known and active candidate, the progressive-populist Kucinich, was almost entirely ignored by the mass media. It is apparent that the mass media has already decided that populists like Kucinich and Sharpton are not popular in editorial offices and accordingly will never be afforded the status of being a "real" candidate. All this before a single primary vote by real people has been cast.

Those who wish to survive the coming economic crash on their own terms need to "see through" what the media purports to tell us is the public agenda, and who is in and who is out, through their selections. This is of paramount importance because the simple reality is, I am sure you already know, the American Mass Media has a lot of stuffed-shirts with big egos who simply don't know what they are talking about in a great many instances.

During early June 2003, they began in a great herdlike movement to tout the stories of the Bulls, telling us that the economy is recovering. But by the end of June, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates once again, the 13th time since the collapse of the bubble. Surely the economy was NOT performing well, the Bulls were far too eager to sell to the na´ve, and great portions of the more uninformed mass media were clearly too eager to pass on ill-advised "toots".

This points to why the "selections" of the mass media must always be critically examined. The educational attainments of a great many anchor persons, show hosts, and editors is no better than the great mass of people. They can be as easy to manipulate as your next-door neighbor, if they think they are being told something authoritatively by legitimate sources. Should their "selections" have any greater importance than your next-door neighbor's? Why should you be led to a foregone conclusion by your next-door neighbor's news picks?

The truth is that there are a large number of highly educated people with a great understanding of the world and human psychology who COULD do those mass broadcast jobs on a higher plane of accomplishment, usually more astutely than is spewed out in most TV headline news. But such people are not in the media to provide the perspective to properly select and define the headlines with greater fidelity to history and the true significance of the events. Have you ever wondered why? Quite obviously they have been "not selected" in favor of what "somebody" wants to present to you as "what you are interested in" from "people you trust", or at least have come to tolerate.

The more one can see through Mass Media selections, personal agendas, and the limitations of its personnel to discern what is going on, the more one can become free of mass media manipulation. The more one can see through the filters of the reporters (their dreams, schemes, hopes, fears, insecurities), the more one can play the economic game independently and objectively in accordance with what is truly going on.

From this, one can learn to see the "Bull" play for what it is, whether it is in stock market toots or in war drums, and thus one can play for the best of times and the worst of times in accordance with one's own light.

The Slant

One of the most important things to get is "the slant". The "slant" is omnivorous and is ever pervasively seeking to influence you into a certain way of thinking and acting. But, like fish in water, we are often completely oblivious to the currents in the media sea which are pushing us in certain "slanted" directions.

Fortunately, with the advent of Mass Broadcast Media 24/7 on so many channels, the slant is occasionally so over-played that it becomes grotesquely obvious. From the "code words" in the "refrains" of the overplay we can sometimes see that the "news" is often less straightforward reporting on what is happening than it is the telling of grossly biased and slanted "stories" which sell a "Line". The "selling" of the invasion of Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction comes most easily to mind as a perfect example of such a "slant".

The slant has always been with us but it is now far more dynamically important in today's world. With "global news" in a virtually instantaneous electronic village, the play of the news on important issues sometimes has far more impact than it had in the previous "print" generations. The "electronic slant" can whipsaw up a panic in very little time, even among billions of people virtually overnight, as was recently seen in the SARS episode. Accordingly, we must deal with the "slant" in more dynamic ways to counter-act its negative effects and its tendency to hyperinflate hysteria.

The SARS slant: an epidemic spreading, here, there, out of control, killing 4% or 15% of the those who caught the virus, damaging the economy of Toronto and Hong Kong for a few weeks. The reality: medical scientists still weren't certain about whether most of those cases were caused by the same bug long before the press lost interest, and, regardless, the true risk was never fully understood. Some health care specialists reported that successful, inexpensive treatments were highly effective but the media was not around to broadcast this information because the media was not technically competent to analyze competing claims.

Based on 'the slant", you could easily have been led to take a Bear response to SARS by assuming that the economy was going to go to hell. But you probably would have wasted your time. The moral: get past the headlines, use the internet-media to get other points of view, and realize that the Mass Broadcast Media is called the Mass Hysteria Broadcast Media in this special report to make a profoundly important point. The Mass Hysteria Broadcast Media is as much a "shock em and rock em" entertainment venue as it is a source of VALID information.

The medium thrives on high impact threats and events about dangers which rivet people to catch the latest soap opera dose of "As The World Turns". Or Wolf Blitzer's, TA DA, "The War In Iraq" (with musical crescendo), SARS, Anthrax, Tarot Snipers, and "The Empire Strikes Back" at Iraq are perfect suspense thrillers which generate real emotions and even panics. These stories are perfect for generating huge repeat audiences for the mass media and that is why you hear about such things incessantly, whether the minute by minute reportage is "news" or no.

Is the Mass Broadcast Media biased to over-generalize, over-report, and over-sensationalize? Absolutely. It means bucks, big bucks from advertiser revenues for the huge repeat audiances the "panic slants" generate. The Sorcerers now even use musical crescendo themes to induce a greater emotional impact.

It is easy to see that this makes our lives highly prone to panics and hysteria. The omnipresent repeated "slant" in the reporting on SARS served more to feed a panic than provide real information to the public about what was really going on with various scientific responses to SARS. Consequently, people grossly over-reacted, not on the basis of the facts, but on the fear which was being transmitted through the media.

This example is easy to see, but many Americans have difficulty seeing that the same thing is true for how they were stampeded into supporting the invasion of Iraq. The plain truth is, as most of the world knows, that the facts dished up about Saddam's threats, weapons, and links were "vaporware". The fear-generating "slant" communicated through the Mass Media about Iraq and Saddam spooked many Americans into stampeding into Baghdad. With a schmoozing, know-it-all attitude, the Imperial Faction turned the Mass Hysterical Broadcast Media into willing accomplices for transmitting enough "emotive" push to march a huge nation into Iraq. There wasn't a single fact, absolutely no real threats from anyone, that motivated the invasion. Not a single one.

Omissions and Spells

To take it again from the top, the merchants of the media, especially the Mass Broadcast Media, continually define what IS the news, what is NOT the news, what "people are interested in" and what is the "legitimate take" or "slant" of the news.

It is quite clear that we are being manipulated all the time by an editorial class to be aware of certain things and to be oblivious of other things. One of the most powerfully important techniques they use is "soaping" us with endless replays and updates which sustain the "suspense thriller" spell and generate a morbid sense of connection with fear, panic, or outrage over events.

It is doubtless true, as many professional journalists claim, that the average reporter usually works hard to provide an objective report. The problem, as professional journalists have to admit, is that a lot of the qualifying context and perspective often gets left on the cutting room floor. Some important and wonderful stories ready to air are never played or are never played in appropriate fullness. This brings us to the "omission", which is one of the most powerful editorial forms of manipulation.

Virtually omitted from North American broadcast news, for instance, are stories about events and conditions in Africa, India, and Latin America. Okay, maybe every few months something on AIDS and maybe riots or floods in Latin America Do you wonder why? Well, if you are not descended from people who came from those places, look in the mirror and the answer will be staring you in the face. The Mass Media thinks you are like them, that you are not interested in these inferior places. Britney shaking bootie is far more interesting.

To rationalize its sins of omissions, the press buffaloed people for a long time with excuses about the demands of limited time and space. But this is now just an insulting put-down. As time has gone by, it is easier and easier to see that more and more of this suppression serves conscious agendas of manipulation more than it serves the limitations of the press in reporting "objective facts".

This is easier to see now that there is so much time to fill. We clearly can see that the various news channels sometimes have great difficulty in filling space with "THEIR" agendas. We can see they end up stuffing puffy nonsense about wrinkle cures into nearly empty spots. Or they spend way too much time with phony, staged events which are not news at all, such as another five minute recital of threadbare "soundbites" by old "Wartime" Bush. And of course, you can also count on catching a snatch of a Britney-look-alike shaking bootie for those off-moments.

During 2003 and 2004 the most omitted story line in America will be the rise of the populist progressive agenda. The mass media, especially the embeded lap dogs who "think" they need to be able to talk with office holders to write a decent story, will persist, in the face of all facts, in claiming that American politics continues as normal and that the populist agenda, which most likely is widely supported by at least 30% of the population, is too radically fringe to even deserve press coverage.

"Presto", the Sorcerer's of Broadcast wave their remote control wands, "they are of no account and do not exist!"

Fortunately, especially since the advent of the late 1990's, great numbers of people are now waking up to the fact that many of the primary "news" reports of our times are less real "realities" than they are carefully stage-crafted "acts" which are created through the manipulation of appearances and utterances. These "acts" are quite often stripped of context, repackaged for soap appeal, and are broadcast and repeated endlessly through the global media, serving to cast "soundbites" and "images" into… something akin to hypnotic spells.

In other words, our world and our history is being shaped less and less by " real events" and stories told about them in the plain ways of old fashioned reporters, intellectuals, writers, and editors of the print media. More and more our world is being shaped by instigators and producers who serve up "spells" with hyperventilated multi-media effects, rather like sorcerers seeking to conjure reactions.

God help us all.

The Medium Is The Message

Nearly all of the print media everywhere, and not a little of the broadcast media, were originally organized to enable the publisher and the editors to speak to the public so that they could influence the conduct of civic affairs. In this sense, it is all slanted, it is all an attempt to influence you. That is the objective truth. It is that simple.

The basic reasons for all of this are pretty simple. If you want to control the outcomes of politics, the destiny of the nations, and the regular course of economic development and prosperity, you control who speaks. That determines who is perceived to have social standing, power, and legitimate opinions. This automatically sets what the agenda of discussion will be.

Hence, since the earliest times, the real struggle over politics is over the right to speak and, equally important, the right to hear. There is no other real mystery to either politics or economics. If you can control or influence who can speak, where, when, and how, you also influence who can have access and hear about what is going on.

This is so simple, nearly everyone understands these things intuitively, which is pretty much the level at which politics is organized in America. Most forms of social organization and governance are carefully organized to provide rules of inclusion (who can speak) and exclusion (those who are not permitted to speak), and these rules are usually strongly influenced by the methods of communication, the medium if you will. These communication principles are pretty much the social equivalent of Einstein's "Theory of Relativity".

From the history of the past several hundred years we have learned a very interesting corollary to these principles. If you change or shift the means of communication, such as the technology, you change the scope of who is included or excluded and hence you influence the outcomes. If you can influence the outcomes, you can lead people to a particular future.

It begins with Face-To-Face communication. Face-To-face communication is highly effective and almost all personal decisions which matter are made this way. If you control or influence who can show up to a meeting, you influence (you can bias) what the meeting will talk about or how the topic will be discussed. This of course affects the final decisions.

For an expanded audience, print media is essential for disseminating information, but it is linear (one way), very slow, and is not directly interactive nor helpful in actually making most decisions for any group. Hence decision-making by this method is limited primarily to the occasional casting of ballots.

Radio and TV are far more flexible and thus interesting, they can provide both linear broadcast and interactive discussion. They can do both at the same time, they can broadcast face to face decision-making of a small group to a large group of people. This is in essence the kind of media-induced social structure we have today.

Control or influence any aspect of any of these methods, you influence the outcomes. Indeed some of the most important economic and political struggles of the past revolved around a struggle to create or control the methods of communication. Guaranteeing the "Freedom of speech" was essentially the outcome of a struggle about breaking state monopoly of control over who gets to communicate what kinds of things. 'Freedom of Religion" is a variation of this struggle.

Through the ages this struggle has taken many forms and indeed the struggle is mutating again right before our eyes during this strange beginning of Century 21. The transmutation is occurring principally on the internet, which melts down the communication of all information into nearly perfect relativity where space, time, and money mean very little. This melt is changing EVERYTHING, and these changes will accelerate during the next 15 years more rapidly than the changes induced by TV during the past 30 years.

The awakening to this kind of awareness about the power and the influence of the media began on a mass scale with Marshall McLuhan. He coined the term "the medium is the massage" during the Vietnam War when Mass Broadcast TV Media came into its own. This was when "the six o'clock news" on NBC, ABC, or CBS became the principle means of serving up the headlines which groups of journalists thought were the most important stories or datums of the day. Prior to that it had been radio's role to serve as a sort of news ticker tape for the prior generation. But even during the heyday of radio, the daily metropolitan newspaper provided the real facts and background perspectives to the people who wanted the "real news".

With his adage about 'the medium is the massage", Marshall McLuhan was trying to teach people to observe how the new national medium of TV had already begun to fundamentally change American culture, was shifting its agendas, who was talked about, who was seen, who could be successful on TV and how, as well as change how politicians went about creating events and talking to people.

TV was fundamentally different, he argued in his books, creating completely different political results. And most importantly of all, he observed, it created for the first time a truly NATIONAL CULTURE, and probably eventually would create a GLOBAL CULTURE. Regional cultures flourished when large metropolitan newspapers were the primary MEDIA for news. Now a national culture was emerging through the electronic wizardry of the TV networks. Inevitably, a global culture would arise in the future.

During the 1970's, when McLuhan's work became known, the future for this national culture looked very positive. But this was before the proliferation of dozens of channels of junk TV and emergence of the Hollyweird Sleeze Industry, which primarily show how ugly culture can become by broadcasting content which celebrates extreme violence, seriously-challenged ethics, or how boneheads can become rich and famous by shaking their bootie.

So during these first few years of Century 21, we are not nearly so inclined to innocently suppose that the Mass Broadcast Media is a benign one. At minimum, we know we need to begin with a highly skeptical approach. As a necessary complement, we cannot avoid taking very deep draughts of pessimism about the infinite corruptibility of power.

Good Citizens, Mass Media, Jingoism, Manifest Destiny, & Madness

To truly understand the powers and the shifts in the global media, let us begin with how the media makes fools of Good Loyal Patriotic Citizens of the type who complain loudly about flag desecration and free speech for celebrities like the Dixie Chicks, heavens forbid, or even French Presidents, who happen to disagree with what the big shakers and makers are pushing as the daily "Big Line".

This is not difficult, even academics and journalists will understand it. To view the power of media sorcery over our "Good Citizens", we need to look backward into the destiny of Manifest Destiny. From this we will see how history has been seriously manipulated by those who command mass media.

Our patience in plodding through a brief tour of this history will be greatly rewarded with liberation. The tour will give us the insight we need to plainly see the low level of crass emotional sorcery which is used perennially to steer the ship of state. This will both free us and alert us to how the corporatized Mass Hysteria Broadcast Media may use its powers during the next several years to stampede people into the next daily "Big Line".

We begin with the essence of history. People. Everywhere, most people genuinely are the same in what they want. Doesn't matter what culture, race, continent, not even income level. People want strongly to be "good citizens" or good members of their family, their community, and their tribe. They want peace, freedom, prosperity, and respect and they are willing to give a lot of effort to others to help make these things possible. Accordingly, they will, if directly approached by their leaders, bend over backwards to cooperate. This being so basic and so simple, it is truly hard to understand how it goes so wrong.

Let us begin with one of history's clearest examples about how it goes so wrong. During the 1930's and even well into the 1940', the mass media grabbed "Good Germans" and led them through history's worst meatginder. These "Good Germans", the kind of industrious, democratic, sincere, well-meaning people who are wonderful members of any community, were manipulated and led, via mass media technology, to support one of the most lunatic crusades of all time.

It is true, the Germans at the time had their little "weakies", including Martin Luther's rabid anti-Semitism which the Lutheran Church had browbeaten into Germans for 500 years. But that is not why the crusade began. The crusade was not based on the weakness of Germans but on their best points and values.

This is a really important point which you must really get. Almost all the academic historians out there, at least those who have written in English, write stories and books which analyze any number of types of "weakness" and evil dark side in the Germans which allowed the Nazis to gain power to wreak havoc. They have it all wrong. The Nazis rose to power by learning how to manipulate the good side of the Germans. That is what makes it all so truly tragic.

The catalyst was a strange band of neurotic personalities who were obsessed with power and domination, led by a man who had a strong, confident oratorical style. They seized upon the latest mass communications technology of radio, brand spanking new, to convince "Good Germans" that Bolshevik communist Jews from Russia were engaged in a campaign of sabotage to disrupt their government and enslave them in poverty under a despotic international world order ruled from afar.

Do you recognize this conspiracy theory after you remove the German content? Yep, this is whence it came. The American right wing later copied it nearly intact to sell the Cold War against, who? Bolshevik communist Jews from Russia. Promising on a daily basis over the radio news channels to lead Germans into a new 1000 year era of security and world peace which would finally make the world safe to fulfill the "Utopian Dream" of "The Volk" (the people) for justice, equality, security, and prosperity for all, Adolf Hitler and a small group of Nazi strategists began to promulgate the "New German Millennium". Obviously they were thinking in much larger terms than a "Project For A New German Century". The "New German Millennium" was to be nothing less than the final heir to the ancient Roman mantle of World Empire. In the One World German Superpower, history would end in peace and shine everlasting glory on the Volk.

Is this beginning to sound suspiciously, uncomfortably familiar? It should and if it doesn't, you must read again about "The Rise of the Imperial Faction" in Section 3. If you think it's uncanny, I think you are on the right wave length.

Better yet, read the "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William Shirer (originally by Simon and Schuster, 1960). It's all been done before, sorry PNAC, the history copyright people are coming to revoke your corporate charter unless you give credit where credit is due to the Reich Ubermensch (Nazi Overlords).

With their new powers of radio mass persuasion, which we might think of as variants of hypnosis and emotional sorcery, some of the most brilliant but twisted minds of all history demanded more and more power from the people and their Constitutional Republic. The Nazi Reich Ubermensch progressively consolidated all authority into a police state which efficiently and directly led the "Good Germans" with great haste into one of the deepest tragedies, if not THE deepest tragedy, in all of human history.

In many ways it was the same with Japan and Italy, just a little less dramatic. To see how the same "story" was played to these people, we need to become pre-war (World War II) Italians and Japanese for a moment and see the world through their eyes.

Many Japanese were convinced that "white racism" had at all costs to be defeated militarily to safeguard the oriental peoples from imperial enslavement. Accordingly, they used the same mass powers of communication and hypnotic sorcery to mobilize earnest, sincere, hard-working people to undertake a vast program of military expansion. Ironically, much like the Germans, these hardworking Japanese thought the entire time that they were creating a western style democratic state under their Parliament and Constitutional Monarch (titular). They thought they were struggling during a time of great sacrifice to safeguard themselves from the Imperial New World Order being imposed worldwide by white racists from Europe and America.

For the Italians, it was a similar sort of nationalistic, patriotic fervor which drove them to attempt to rebuild themselves proudly as a new nation with a real parliament which unified the entire country under Mussolini and a new Constitutional Parliament (titular Monarchy).

World War I had nearly destroyed Italy's late 19th century re-unification. Prior to that, Italy had not been a unified "nation" for many centuries. Italians were eager to hold onto their re-unification, which had brought most of the social and economic progess during the past 50 years. They went with Mussolini to hold unto their unity and the progress it had brought. Mussolini easily convinced them that driving the imperial forces of Great Britain out of the Mediterranean Sea, which were constantly meddling in the economic affairs of all the nations of the area and imposing one-sided treaties, was long over due. They were proud to join a coalition of nations to get rid of the robber barons who threatened their prosperity and well being.

Looking at history in this way, from the point of view of the losers, we can see how it is that perfectly Good Citizens are all too often led into horrible misdeeds and terrible tragedies which linger for centuries in the history books and in our souls. We can look into the well-meaning aspects of the intentions of these 1930's people in a sympathetic light without exonerating the terrible wars and crimes committed by their nations and leaders. In the same way we can also understand how "Good Americans" stupidly but idealistically committed such horrible crimes in Vietnam.

Seeing the world in this way gives us historical insight, a long vision of causes, reactions, collisions, and eventual effects. We need to see the world correctly in this long view so that we may avoid perpetuating the stupid and costly reactions of the past.

Even as with these earlier eras of time, George Bush Junior, the Imperial Faction, and the Mass Broadcast Media in the U.S. have once again proven the simple elegant truth of Hermann Goering's proposition. Once again we have been shown how to use the powers of mass media technology to turn fear and the good intentions of well meaning "Good Citizens", into a process of consolidation of power and military adventurism IN THE NAME OF protecting and enhancing the great "Utopian Dream" of the "Volk", er, the "Dream" of the American People.

It was all too easy. The American character, like most others, has always been easily led to channel its anxieties onto foreign adversaries. Foreign wars would appear to be difficult for Americans to undertake.

At first blush, it would seem that it is very difficult to get Americans to undertake foreign military activity. The U.S. nominally has a Constitution which virtually strangles public decision-making. It is purposefully NOT democratic so to prevent military adventurism by demagogic politicians and special cliques. Its original leaders gave the strongest of dire warnings to avoid "foreign entanglements'.

Yet despite all this the American character has been led repeatedly into aggressive campaigns against other peoples. And almost every one of these campaigns have been inspired and cheerled by the media of the day. The inspiration has almost never been generated by a real attack on the United States (World War II being the notable exception). By raising up a great furor about grave dangers to American liberty, rights, and territory, the media easily created a consolidation of opinion which coopted the man on the street sufficiently to overcome the crabby requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

This Constitution requires such a tendentious due process for making war that it is difficult to get people to agree to make war except under the terrible emergency of an actual invasion. When self-defense from real violence is necessary, people usually know what to do, the law is merely formality to which proper lip service is easily given. And indeed, the Constitution gives the U.S. President very little limitation in acting to repel actual invasions or in defending the preeminence of the Constitution as the highest law of the land. A war of self-defense is understood to be a "special case" which requires the President to act with great dispatch and with full authority in the manner he/she thinks best.

And so it was that the American Empire was created by Presidents purportedly acting in self-defense. Generation after generation, the media sold "The Line" about threats from abroad and an invasion of American rights, interests, and/or territory. The President dutifully marched his troops.

Manifest Destiny I

It began with the campaigns to extend the power and territories of slave owners in the Americas, all the better for a nouveau commercial class to establish for itself the "Utopian Dream" which only Barons, Dukes, and Kings had enjoyed in previous centuries. First it was a matter of clearing out the so-called marauding and lawless Indians in the Southern States, the better to make civilization and economic development for Slave Owners. And so Andrew Jackson cleared out the Indians from their ancestral homes and sent them packing to Oklahoma. For good measure, his minions practiced new arts of bio-warfare by giving the Indians blankets infected with small pox.

Think about it. Andrew Jackson became a President after the first use of bio-weapons by Americans to decimate people who were in the way of the expansion of the "American Dream" of that time. The face of that racist still sits on the U.S. $20 bill. Think about that every time you pull one of those out of your wallet. Andrew Jackson, part of the "Evil Axis" of terrorists who use weapons of mass destruction.

Then it became a religious struggle in a war of words which ended up dividing the country into a bitter civil war . Regional papers argued their positions on who should be entitled to grow the United States across the continent, the slavers or the peasant farmers from Northern Europe. We ALL know where that ended. The peasant farmers got to kill more Indians in the West, but, thanks to the religious media, at least slavery was illegal. The crimes of the 19th century continue to shape the world even to this very day. In the end, everyone lost in that terrible tragedy. Even the children of the peasant farmers.

These were the precursors of Manifest Destiny. After that, it was go for broke with Manifest Destiny I, America The Great, from sea to shining sea across the entire continent. The "only good injun" along the way was a dead one. Again, the regional and local newspapers sang the sagas of the conquerors. But this time new voices and media added great power to the push. The publishing industry expanded into the national distribution of books and magazines, which aggressively sold "The Line" about the wonders of the West, the greatness of the pioneer movement, and how barbarian, stupid, and unworthy the Indians were. A good portion of that media is still around.

To this day, the Americans cannot quite get it okay in their soul to do justice to those their forefathers sought to exterminate. It is truly amazing how few want to look back and fess up. Americans perpetuate over one hundred years of inertia in looking the other way. The crystallization of negative emotional attitudes which defame and divide people, all fueled and fanned into raging fires by publicists of the new pulp media of the late 19th century, can still be seen and felt. In many areas, Americans are still allowing the mismanagement of Indian treaties and trusts in favor of greed and narrow self-interests.

Manifest Destiny II

By the end of the 19th century, Manifest Destiny I was passe. The nation was covered from sea to shining sea with daily newspapers linked together with telegraph lines. Within 20 years or so of this nationwide linkage, Randolph Hearst and other 19th century jingoes invented the American war against Spain to extend the reach of Manifest Destiny.

The last few years of the 19th century was the perfect time for Hearst and others to extend the boundaries past North America where all the property lines had been staked. The pioneer settlement on the continent was done, Canada was out of bounds because the British Empire protected it, and a land war to take over Mexico would doubtless be extremely costly in lives, and, well, rather imperious.

But the tottering old Empire of Spain was easy pickings. No one cared about its imperial claims. A despotic dynasty had impoverished both Spain and its incredibly seedy colonies. The Spanish had lagged so far behind in industrial development that Spain's ability to actually wage war was in serious doubt. Accordingly, now was the perfect time to grab its colonies and liberate them before other imperial powers attempted to heist them (which was probably inevitable).

Liberated from Spain, Cuba and the Philippines could be remade in a manner more suitable for the American values of grabbing whatever was around from the natives. In little time, free market capitalists could build a civilized world of corporatized hereditary fortunes to replace the hereditary aristocracy of the old Spanish empire.

Best yet, by overturning an evil tyranny, the promoters of Manifest Destiny could sanctimoniously claim that they were not imperialists, they were just "Good Citizens" serving as liberators. This "slant' worked quite well then to pull the wool over the eyes of "Good Americans". Indeed, much territory had been forcibly "liberated" from Mexican tyrants during the preceding 50 years by rallying "good citizens" to the side of Manifest Destiny. It had always worked and indeed it still works amazingly well, as demonstrated most recently with Iraq.

So it was that Manifest Destiny II began to play on the telegraph wires which linked the first mass media consciousness of the American nation. You were no longer from Vermont or Kansas. You were now an American, and Americans were now acting on the world stage while ripping off, er, liberating some provinces from a tyrannical, decrepit old empire.

It was easy. A U.S. Battleship, the U.S.S. Maine, mysteriously exploded near Havana Harbor. Soon Randolph Hearst had headlines playing day by day about evil Spaniards, the despotic rule in Cuba, the threat the Spanish Navy poised to American free trade in the Caribbean, the heroic efforts of American Theodore Roosevelt and his "volunteers" to help the Cuban people free themselves from their cruel and tyrannical overlords, etc. This story "Line", and others like it, played well, Hearst vastly expanded his circulation and his chain of newspapers. The U.S. government picked up control over a large number of islands.

Manifest Destiny II continued to play out on the telegraph wires quite well through the 1930's and then it flourished equally well on radio. As American gunboats patrolled Central America and the Far East to make the world safe for American plantation owners, Americans supposed they were occasionally preserving the rule of law and helping protect impoverished peasants from bandits and violent rogues. Over and over again, American troops and naval vessels intervened in various Central American nations to protect so-called American interests, and Americans scarcely noticed that they had been unofficially dragooned to support yet another small war. They were unable to see that the biggest bandits marauding Central America called themselves Anglo names like "United Fruit" and lived in New York and other cities in the U.S. Or maybe they saw it and became totally marginalized into the same fate of "irrelevancy" which has befallen all populists groups in the U.S. who opposed large concentrations of power and foreign wars.

World War II more or less ended Manifest Destiny II. A fortunate partnership between two of the most influentual leaders of the previous millennium, Winston Churchill, conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain, and liberal Franklin Roosevelt, President of the U.S., brought together an interesting union of the highest principles of conservatism and liberalism to remake the politics of the world. Under their tutelage, imperialism was made obsolete, nations were to be left to self-determination by their own peoples, and interference in other countries was to be taken only to prevent outright anarchy from gaining the upper hand. Racism, Manifest Destiny, Imperialism…all dead, gone, done. The United Nations now would preserve a world community in equality and peace as best it could.

Despite these best of intentions, the stand-off between the Soviet Union and the United States fractured the United Nations and largely prevented it from functioning as an agent of preserving the peace during much of its history. Soon, machinations of the communists were met with machinations from the Western powers, primarily the U.S. and Britain. For the most part, the two armed camps contrived to paralyze each other from overt foreign aggression by balancing nuclear terror and "Mutually Assured Destruction".

During this long M.A.D. stand-off of some 40 years, the ambitions of Americans turned inward into the creation of continental corporate empires and the rising prosperity of a vast supporting middle class to manage them. Acquiring new opportunities through land and resources no longer mattered. It was industrial technology and infrastructure development which mattered.

The Americans succeeded quite well in their industrial development using the "New Deal" idealism and principles which the Democrats installed under Roosevelt and managed under Truman, Eisenhower, and Johnson. Roosevelt and his Democratic alliance more or less locked the economy into prosperous support of middle class interests and needs. Eisenhower, though a Republican, had no interest in challenging the success of the coalition and in fact supported it handily by laying the foundations for the vast interstate highway system and by seeking strongly to find peaceful ways of dealing with the nuclear nightmare under a (desired) collegial relationship with the communists.

Under the New Deal, corporate interests were NOT to be preeminent and indeed they were not. Their power and behavior was to be carefully regulated to insure good citizenship. Under the sharp-eyed regulation and guidance of national agencies, corporate activity actually worked to uplift the nation for some 30 years until the advent of Republican presidents, beginning with Nixon.

The New Deal alliance was the first tacit attempt in the United States to institutionalize economic cooperation between all members of society within American government. It was, so far as it went, and despite its shortcomings, rather successful. The New Deal Alliance won World War II over all other imperial powers, brought the U.S. to its diplomatic preeminence in the world by insisting on the values of equality, freedom, and cooperation, and it gave rise to nearly 40 years of unparalleled economic success even as it stood off a massive international mobilization of military power under the Bolsheviks.

The success of this great Democratic coalition included prosperity for a rapidly growing middle class, social security, the generation of mountains of hyperbole about the American "Utopian Dream" for all people, and the successful implementation of far reaching social change, not the least of which was the end of most overt racism.

All this was ministered by a watchful print media which undertook the role of "referee" between the claims of government, corporations, political parties, unions, and various groups of citizens. For the most part, the press supported the premise of the Roosevelt coalition. Namely, that all of the basic economic interests, including the citizen, deserved a place at the political table. Accordingly, the print press provided room for a diversity of viewpoints across the economic and social spectrum. To a great extent, the print press still does. It is another matter altogether for the Mass Broadcast Media, which is progressively narrowing viewpoints and values to a small boomer go-go bubble dominated primarily by East Coast attitude.

Manifest Destiny III

Most tragically for Americans, the great success of the New Deal coalition and their triumph over World War II made them dangerously susceptible to the play of new forms of Manifest Destiny. It came much too quickly in the form of a vastly oversold "destiny" to stand off communist take-overs of foreign countries.

It began of course with the Korean War, which was undertaken and fought in accordance with international law and the ideals of the nascent United Nations. The Russians boycotted United Nations discussions of North Korea's invasion of the South and this allowed the United States to weld together a United Nations "police action" to defend South Korea. This worked out politically but it was immensely costly in lives. The armistice from that police action still stands and South Korea has become one of the "wunderkind" economies of the world.

Despite the cost in lives, it seemed that the idealism of Churchill and Roosevelt had succeeded in saving South Korea from communist conquest. At least for awhile, it seemed that Manifest Destiny had been converted into an international citizen. Americans had become global citizens working within international law to maintain law and legitimate governments. But unfortunately, the Russians never repeated that "boycott" mistake and the United Nations was never again able to defend against an invasion until the Soviet Union was dismantled.

After the Korean War, Mass Broadcast TV Media began to supplant both radio and the print media during the 1960's and 1970's. As these new eyes on the world began to develop, presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy ordered a few small defensive police actions to preserve and protect weak or unstable governments from outside encroachments. These were all understaken outside of the United Nations because of stalemates in the United Nations.

Since the United Nations was stalemated by the Soviet Union, the protection of governments and nations against invasions by communist forces could only be undertaken by individual nations. But this was as difficult to obtain as a U.N. Resolution. Korea had turned into a quagmire which cost some 50,000 American lives. The World War II generation in control of American government was weary of war and wanted no more such direct interventions.

And so the "proxy war" was invented. Instead of American forces being used directly, which would involve a lot of political controversy, the U.S. government would provide "aid" and "advisors" to foreign governments to fight against communist insurrections or invasions.

That was the theory but in practice it was usually perverted into aggressive invasions to overturn legitimate revolutions which had ended corrupt, brutal elites. As they say, the old ways die hard. During the 1960's, American politicians allowed themselves to be talked into fighting two such invasive 'proxy" wars, in both Cuba and Vietnam.

In Cuba, Castro threw out a brutal, crooked Mafioso family and after about two years in power turned to the Soviet Union for support and defense against hostile North American corporate elites. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh successfully forced the French to withdraw their plantation lords. He was in process of creating a national government for Vietnam but French and American interlopers refused to honor the electoral process which had been set up. The negation of free elections in Viet Nam met immediately with armed resistance from Ho Chi Minh and his communist supporters.

From these struggles, two terrible tragedies were born. A small aggressive U.S. backed effort by "proxies" to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro failed miserably and quickly. Miffed, the U.S. government spent the next 40 years pretending Cuba was not there, hoping that someone would eventually kill Castro.

A much larger effort against the communists in Vietnam also failed but only after terrible crimes had been committed and losses could be counted in every town in America. Both actions were aggressive invasions of "liberation" created and condoned by "Good Citizens" which were highly unwelcome by the overwhelming majority of the people being invaded.

The terrible tragedy of Vietnam for the most part ended visible American involvement in "proxy war". The "proxy" was so corrupt and incompetent, a half million Americans had to do the fighting. Americans eventually realized that they had been duped into the Vietnam War by Lyndon Johnson's Big Lie. He claimed, oh so like the "Maine", that North Vietnam had attacked American destroyers in the "Gulf of Tonkin" with two-bit half-arsed gunboats.

Of course he had to respond… Americans finally woke up to the huge piles of carnage which had been created in support of the illusionary "proxy", the fake little junta of South Vietnam. American's began to realize that America, like Japan many decades before it, simply could not succeed in imposing its will on Asia. Like the Japanese, they had to accept great military loss as the price they paid for ending the conflict. Americans also had to pay for the their jingoism with national humiliation at actually losing a war.

About the same time, racism against blacks publicly died. After that, American jingoism played very poorly in the mass media. Imperialism seemed as dead as the old racism and the overt play of Manifest Destiny. Even Khomeni's humiliation of the U.S. embassy personnel during the Iranian Revolution failed to produce aggressive military activity, though the American right wing still defames Carter for "allowing" the Iranians to get away with it.

A succession of Republican presidents from Nixon onward cobbled together a coalition of conservatives, ultra-right ideologues, religious authoritarian fundamentalists, corporate interests, and nascent but uneducated additions to the middle class. Beginning most auspiciously under Nixon, the apostles of greed began to achieve ascendancy under the Republican presidents. They progressively corrupted the political and economic system to serve narrow elites by destroying more and more of the regulatory balances which had been put in place under the New Deal Alliance. Nixon of course was later eventually forced to resign for dishonesty, as indeed many apostles of greed were forced to do after the breaking of the dot-com bubble.

As the U.S. government began a massive shift to serve elitist interests, the good-old-boy Manifest Destiny crowd kept itself alive deeply entrenched in the CIA and State Department. It went underground and festered in a succession of limited covert support of "proxy" wars, mainly under the Republican presidents.

Under an aggressive, often hostile press, which was still dominated by old-fashioned print, the "slant" to intervene directly in other people's civil wars was met with a great chorus of skeptical hostility. Even Ronald Reagan, one of the most personally popular politicians of all time, had to walk a very careful line to avoid overt personal involvement in foreign adventurism with direct intervention or "proxies". Scandals over American secret arms deals with Iran, and covert drug running to finance counter-revolutions in Nicaragua and El Salvador nearly engulfed him.

The jingoists could not directly incite Americans to intervene militarily in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The best they could do is use gunboats, planes, and Marines already stationed in Panama to "arrest" the ex-CIA double-dealing drug tyrant of Panama. Along the way they also forced out the hated Duvalier stooges from Haiti, which the U.S. government only most reluctantly undertook. They also ousted some Castro stooges from the small Caribbean island nation of Grenada who had actually carried out a take-over "putsch" with only a few hundred men.

The old jingoism seemed to be slowly dying out along with racism. It seemed for some fifteen years that only a few dying embers were still smoldering in the dark recesses of the CIA and the basements of the Pentagon.

All the other covert CIA "activities" were rationalized as defensive actions to support foreign movements and governments against communist plots. The infamous Dr. Kissinger, who is sure to go down in history as one of America's more bizarre characters, was a master of rationalizing these connections. His involvement in masterminding covert dirty tricks in a number of countries, which resulted in right wing death squads murdering thousands of people under Fascist governments, has earned him long-standing indictments from democratic governments which would dearly love to throw him in jail.

The fact that Mass Broadcast Media in the United States can continue to provide this international criminal and consciously dedicated, paid foreign agent with a public platform on TV is excellent proof of how historically na´ve and uneducated the boomer editor and news anchor class really is.

With the exception of Iran and Nicaragua, most of the covert intrigues played with very little interest in the press. When the press did cover aspects of these stories, it was with very little fervor of support and with large measures of questioning and criticism of covert American engagements and the failures of American policies, both past and present.

The "good citizens" of Manifest Destiny III even learned to begin to atone for racism and some of the errors which jingoism had created in the past. They matured to live with the fact that other peoples would occasionally reject, even with great force, American and European world views and demands.

During the Reagan years, Manifest Destiny was publicly simplified into standing tall with Reagan as a new day arrived while America rebuilt U.S. military technology and outspent the Soviet Union on REAL weapons of mass destruction. With Star Wars defense programs, Manifest Destiny seemed destined to go into orbit rather than fight more wars on Earth. But even this "last form" seemed to fade away. After Reagan made a deal with Gorbachev to end the nuclear arms race, Manifest Destiny seemed to be on the way out. With the subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union, it seemed all over. The final forms of international competition and struggle over world domination seemed to be dissolving away , dissolving into amicable agreements.

Bush Senior was the perfect Republican successor to Reagan's ending notes. With great understanding of the world, garnered from a professional career with the CIA, he straightforwardly conducted the Gulf War to protect Kuwait from foreign aggression. Seemingly, he kept in full accordance with international and constitutional law. He was the first American President since the Korean War to make the United Nations work as the ultimate international "cop" to stop an invader.

Because it was a "just war" without the baggage of the past, the Mass Broadcast Media, as did all of the media, made much of the War. They found it popular to popularize it. Through CNN's coverage, the 24/7 news channel format came to the fore worldwide and showed the power of global linkage.

On the open battlefield, the U.N. program worked. It seemed that Manifest Destiny was truly dead and that jingoism had little room left. But U.S. covert manipulations failed. Undercover operations, managed by the same old hidden Manifest Destiny crowds whose policies and manipulations had wreaked such havoc and massive deaths in a multitude of failed programs ranging from Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvedor, the Congo, Angola, Afghanistan, and other venues, promised the Crescent Moon of support to the Shiites of Southern Iraq if they would rise up and throw Saddam out of power. The Shiites rose up, the covert operations crowd welched on the deal, and some hundred thousand Iraqis lost their lives at the hands of Saddam's army. The uprising failed miserably, leaving recriminations and karma which are still coming home to roost, like so many other failures of Manifest Destiny's covert operations department.

These recriminations were covertly swept under the rug, but now they're back! In Iraq today Shiite leadership has returned from abroad and is vociferously lifting up the rug and telling everyone just what they think of America's Manifest Destiny Meisters of covert interference. It is not pretty to hear and it may yet cost America dearly.

But we are getting ahead of the story. Clinton was elected in 1992 after considerable concern began to arise about many sour economic notes which had emasculated the "Reagan Revolution" of self-reliance and de-regulation of the economy. With his confident talk of supporting the vigorous expansion of the new technology economy within a new era of international cooperation, Clinton seemed like the ideal president to pull the country further away from the dying embers of Manifest Destiny.

As if on cue, electronic media began to proliferate after 1992 in ways which seemed to break up monopolies everywhere. Technology seemed to bloom into just about everything. The internet began to connect everybody, and the Mass Media began an eight year toot of the seemingly boundless running of the Bulls. The Republicans preached that unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities seemed to be opening up in the new high technology economy, all one had to do is junk government regulation and taxes everywhere.

The Democrats did not do much to oppose the argument. Their main strategy was to maintain a centrist position on retaining enough taxes to pay down Reagan's massive "Keynesian deficit spending program" for military hardware. They managed to keep social security barely adequate but lost the battles on reasonable health care. They caved in on most issues of regulation and social welfare, allowing the old New Deal structures to fall into further decay.

The Mass Media obligingly promoted the latest edition of the "American Dream". As they sang the praises of the unparalleled bull run in the Clinton Feel-Good Bubble, a vast new digital technology began to create an entirely new economics. The media chronicled in great detail the fortunes which rose and they celebrated the apparent liquidation of old concentrations of power in the old industries. Within less than eight years thousands of new companies were created to turn the impressive abilities of the internet into the Bubble of instant billionaire Dot-Coms. The American version of the perennial "Utopian Dream" seemed at hand for ever larger numbers of people.

What could go wrong? Sure, there were environmental issues, AIDS, and violence in Palestine, but all the issues seemed ultimately resolvable. There was nothing truly of crisis proportions. The main sour note was crisis in Europe over the long break up of Yugoslavia. That eventually led to the troubles in Serbia and Kosovo, but Clinton seemed to provide American involvement competently within the context of international law and the European jurisdiction of NATO. And besides, American involvement in the Balkans was far less than in the Gulf War. Troops and equipment were drawn mainly from forces which were already positioned in Europe for this sort of purpose. It seemed that the international order created in NATO and the United Nations, over such a long time at great cost, actually, finally, did work. The imperfections seemed tolerable, lessons for the next time.

Consequently, the main thing was to get on with making money, as much as possible. And so the Me-First generation arose to the challenge to stand at the corporate trough. With a permissive Mass Media, a collapsing regulatory environment which allowed corporations to merge virtually at will to eliminate competition and to restructure the once highly regulated communications and energy industries, with strong support from a Congress which was virtually controlled by a small clique of right wing ideologues under Newt Grinwich, the times were perfect for Ken Lay (the CEO who managed the most corrupt corporation of all time - Enron). And times were also perfect for the long cast of villains who are partially described in Arianna Huffington's populist broadside "Pigs At The Trough". Central Casting sent Ken Lay up with impeccable timing, along with a legion of one hundred thousand other greedy locusts who began to systematically corrupt American corporations into vehicles of plunder for scamming the rest of the social system with high prices and high quick turnover products to fix or solve illusionary problems like "energy shortages".

The Mass Media loved the numbers. They kept pushing the hype with very few questions right up until the break…leading the lemmings pretty much like they always do. Er, sorry, these days, the metaphor is no longer 'lemmings", it's "sheeple".

Manifest Destiny IV

It is easy to see why a great many American "Good Citizens" would have such fervor in their belief about progress and the rightness of their country, especially those who came of age during the 1980's and 1990's. Things had been incredibly privileged for a great many of them, especially those who matriculated into the corporatized scene of the 1980's and 1990's. A long Bull Run gave many of them a decent equity stake. Real estate values continued to soar during the 1990's, also giving rise to their feelings of net worth and security.

For nearly twenty years the world seemed to finally be turning in positive directions. The original idealism which had been set forth in the aftermath of the Great Depression and World War II seemed truly vindicated. Politically, many of the worst aspects of the 20th century seemed to be righting themselves, almost by magic. Tyranny was dissolving always everywhere, liberal democracy was stronger than ever, and a third of the world seemed to be entering into a broad prosperity. It is easy to see why the boomers would be so earnest in wanting to be "Good Citizens" and rise to whatever history required of them. The "Good Citizens" can be forgiven for thinking that they had uniquely invented "destiny" and that the "Utopian Dream" was their very own.

From this we can see how easy it has been, so far, for those sly foxes in the boxes of the Mass Broadcast Industry to bring us into Act IV of our old familiar play, Manifest Destiny. Coming right on cue about 20 years after the first national linkages were in place, a new Media Megaplex of internet, cable, satellite, wire, ribbon, fiber, and relay channels had mushroomed during the last 10 years to create a mass communication industry which has so many channels to fill that it is starved for meaningful content.

Then the economy began to sour, the Dot-Com Bubble burst, and corporate scandals began to proliferate. Into this sorry scene of bad news, stepped Osama Bin Laden. His timing was nearly perfect to deliver a rousing trauma and a great panic to fill endless time in the new media channels.

So began the ultimate reality show of Manifest Destiny IV, "The Empire Strikes Back". It plays wonderfully with great visual effects each and every day on multiple channels which enthusiastically repeat 24/7 its hypnotic mantras, images, and claims. It began appropriately enough with a simple and sincere determination to begin a worldwide response to get rid of terrorism, especially Al Qaeda. Destroying their bases in Afghanistan was well received by the global media. Everything about the hunt of Osama Bin Laden made sense.

But then the good old boys from darker days crashed the play and highjacked the cast. With chutzpah of truly astounding proportions, America's jingoism was refurbished to serve a neo-Zionist agenda in the guise of the American Manifest Destiny, Act IV. A small group of people, whom we have named the Imperial Faction, promoting vigorously through various forms of the mass media, led fully 50% of the American public to believe that Saddam's regime had some responsibility for the 911 attack on the Twin Towers. This same portion of the American public was further led to believe that Saddam possessed terrible chemical or biological weapons.

This created a dangerous illusion, a wild rumor of the sort that causes panics. In fact, it did create a panic. If you proclaim that Saddam gave some sort of mystical (non-specific) support to international terrorism, you can get people to suppose that he might give some of his weapons at any time to his supposed terrorist associates. This of course creates an illusion that Saddam's continued existence was an imminent danger to Americans

In the minds of many these claims and illusions fostered by the American government almost certainly must be true. Many well meaning, trusting people who want to be "Good Citizens" and patriotic Americans, just like the "Good Germans" and "Good Japanese" did some 70 years ago, want to put faith in their leaders so that great things can be accomplished. So they believe these things. They want so earnestly to do right and to believe in their leaders.

But there is one slight problem. These claims are as big a whopping big lie as any ever told by Goebbels, Hitler, or Stalin. Goebbels would have been very jealous at the success of the Imperial Faction in telling this Big Lie.

Is there anything wrong with the people who believe these fibs? No, George W. Bush told them these fibs more than once quite clearly in a variety of ways. So the main problem is elementary. A liar has implanted false ideas in their brains. They have been psychologically raped by crooks.

This is disturbing enough. It is even more disturbing that the American Mass Broadcast Media permitted George Bush and his cronies in the Imperial Faction to continue to endlessly repeat this Big Lie without calling it for what it is. They endlessly allowed old "Wartime" to continually make the claim. They falsely allowed the story to communicate that George Bush said that he had proof that Saddam is linked with the terrorists. They left the impression that this was widely accepted as a fact. They allowed this impression to replay countless times as a hypnotic suggestion which gathered more and more power as time went by.

They could just report the facts. They could report that:

"Once again "Wartime" Bush has made a claim about Saddam's links to terrorism which about 80 percent of planet Earth believes is a Big Lie. Large numbers of people in many nations are getting very concerned about Bush's personal credibility and wonder what is wrong." They could add: "Many viewers think we have a credibility problem, what do you think? Be sure to send us email."

But of course, they didn't and they often still do not report the simple facts. They prefered to broadcast "the slant" as cast by the Imperial Faction, along with dramatic flourishes in the music. Now ask yourself, why? The answer to this question is the main problem we have in being able to manage our future.

Fortunately, some portions of the broadcast media are now beginning to suspect that they have been taken to the cleaners. Some editors are beginning to find the "Big Whoppers" of the Bush Administration and the Imperial Faction as dramatically entertaining as "The Empire Strikes Back".

The Red Scare Scam and the Goons of the John Birch Society

Perhaps it is accurate to describe the "spell casting" method as similar to the way in which a right wing bigot from Wisconsin by the name of Joe McCarthy invented the "Red Scare" of the 1950's. By exploiting the insatiable desire of the American Mass Media for sensationalist headlines, Joe McCarthy served as the poster boy for kooky right wing groups like the "John Birch Society". He created an intense fever of fear against evil communists who were said to be infiltrating America everywhere as part of a plan of Soviet (Jewish Bolsheviks) conquest.

He never failed to get headlines and TV coverage for his congressional "House Un-american Activities Committee". He would subpoena people to testify at his hearing, where he would grill famous people about their friends and associations. It was an early version of the "reality soap opera genre". With a combination of innuendoes and one-sided slanted testimonies, he managed to find a few people with socialist or communist beliefs, ruin hundreds of careers, badly scare hundreds of thousands of labor unionists and liberals, and add substantial fuel to the determination of "Good Americans" to wage the "cold war" against the "godless comintern conspiracy" to take over the world (whom Birchers down the block during the 1950's and '60's were sure to whisper were Jewish Bolsheviks in league with mongrel colored people). It of course came to no good end. McCarthy finally became the target of the press and lost all, including his life to chronic alcoholism.

It is amazing how the world keeps falling for the same old saws. The overt racism is mostly gone. But you can substitute terrorism for communism and you pretty much have in the Mass Media a modern up-to-date version of the 1950's Birch bubble mania of "Manifest Destiny". Ironically, this time many Jewish proto-fascists are leading the charge to establish American dominance over the world in order to beat back evil terrorists who are plotting to destroy the American-led World Order and Western percepts of reality. Is Central Casting playing a joke on us?

In this era, the jingo agit-prop epistles of Manifest Destiny IV are conveyed through the daily ministrations of a large number of Boomer Apostles who preach in the broadcast media. To shove the country into Iraq, they waged a relentless campaign for nearly eight months, skillfully building tension and suspense about the arms inspections programs of the United Nations into a national hysteria about the imminent dangers of Saddam Hussein's linkage to Al Qaeda and related fundamentalist terrorists.

Calling it news, the Boomers of Mass Hysteria Broadcast Media delivered what the Imperial Faction most desired, they artfully created the "appearance" of a national consensus to bypass the "irrelevant" United Nations and directly and aggressively invade another country to get rid of a despised despot. Incredibly, they made it "appear" that only a few kook Democrats opposed the action, which enabled the operation to proceed without declaring war, solely on the command of the world's new "Imperial Proconsul" who sits in the White House.

And so the Americans precipitously invaded, in the same manner which has always been typical of American Jingoism, an impoverished country with a third-rate military system which could not possibly pose a serious threat to the U.S. Military. With creative juggling of opinion polls, they even contrived to have Gallup tell us that a huge majority of Americans supported the Imperial Faction's invasion of Iraq, even as the rest of the world's media informed us that 90 percent of the world population thought the idea was nuts.

Quite obviously, if you lie the big one long enough and often enough, it works! After Iraq, there are another dozen sandy desert countries in the Middle-East, almost all of them oil rich, which the neo-zionist Ubermensch in the Imperial Faction have targeted for regime change. The Imperial Faction is ready to roll hard and fast… with internet documents, plans, papers, arguments, supporting scholars, media toots, newspapers, mega wealthy donors, think tanks, the Republican National Committee, congressmen, control of the greater part of the administrative branch of government, a President who has the stamina to keep belting out hypnotic mantras to feed a lapdog press on a daily basis, and squadrons of Tele-evangelist fundamentalist preachers who are mobilizing national prayer circles for what they are unabashedly claiming is one of the greatest Presidents of all time whose visage is destined to be carved (by them) into Mt. Rushmore.

Do you think I am exaggerating to make a point? It is impossible to exaggerate this kookiness. Already the stage is being prepared to set-up Syria and Iran as early "regimes of interest" in what "appears" to be an unrelenting campaign against terrorism and/or regimes which harbor terrorists. Rumors abound that moves against these countries may come after the next Presidential elections of 2004. Even Saudia Arabia is being set-up with a variety of reports, leaks, rumors, and toots about how flaky the House of Saud really is and how it is likely to fall to radical Islamics unless they change their ways and cooperate with the American Juggernaut which is already busy setting up a long term occupation of Iraq.

So far so good. The Boomers in the Mass Broadcast Media are happy to broadcast every hour on the hour today's latest sequel to "The Empire Strikes Back". They mindlessly repeat unproven U.S. claims and assertions about terrorist links and connections in these countries. As late as May 2003 it had not yet occurred to the Mass Broadcast Media that so far the claims of the Bush Administration about Saddam and Iraq were batting at ZERO. A generation ago, the print media already would have been at the President's throat, and in fact, some of them began soon after the invasion of Iraq ended and the quagmire began under the aegis of a completely incompetent management with no plan at all for the occupation of Iraq.

Mass Sorcery And The American Hysteria Broadcast Media

Before we can leave this account of this truly mad affair, we need to examine in a little greater depth how the Sorcerers in the Mass Hysteria Broadcast Media did their work before and during the invasion of Iraq.

Many very strange people work for very high salaries in the Mass Broadcast Media but they tell the Americans very little of what really has been happening. They distort much of what does occur around the world into stories which are presented to be a supportive "line" for whatever initiatives the White House wants to promote this week.

It is as if on cue from a central director, the major cable news and old broadcast networks turned into virtual "sorcerers" to drumbeat the mad push into an unnecessary, unneeded, unwanted invasion of Iraq. If you spend hours on endless days watching CNN channels, FOX, ABC, MSNBC, and others, one key becomes fairly obvious. The most important aspect of their work is selective exposure. They will repeat the same lies endlessly, all of them like a pack of dogs chasing the same rabbit. They will also avoid the same truths, or finally make only an offhand mention of something which contradicts "The Line". The contradiction is rarely repeated.

During the run up to the invasion of Iraq, the news programs occasionally gave the appearance of reporting stories which tended to conflict with what they were promoting. They occasionally asked questions which are potentially embarrassing to the Imperial Faction. They did give nods of distracted, brief attention to peace marches, yet through it all they kept "framing" every story segment with a strong presumption that U.S. military activity in Iraq and the Middle East was inevitable.

With artless in-your-face placards and martial theme music announcing well in advance the "War In Iraq" , the Boomers of Broadcast melted down and destroyed in less than one year most of the claims of journalistic credibility to which the Mass Broadcast Media had aspired throughout the previous generation. Obviously, the personnel managers and talent recruiters of the Mass Broadcast Media urgently need replacing.

The Broadcast Boomers showered their audiences with an endless parade of rumors, innuendoes. gossip from "unnamed sources", flip comments, nattering speculations, one-sided perspectives, crafted omissions, leading questions, pompous "expectations", inaccurate re-statements and quotes, often grossly incorrect extrapolations of what people had just said, and, almost daily, an astonishing tolerance and willingness to communicate, raw bigoted and racist remarks from some of the worst perennial bigots ever to appear in America, such as William Bennet, Bob Jones, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell.

Occasionally, the presentation of bigoted minds, without balance and proper framing by healthy perspectives, made reporters, editors, and media networks into actual accomplices in the commission of hate crimes. The broadcast media networks became the purveyors of millions of dollars of free TV promotion for demented minds and their sicko authoritarian organizations. And they are still doing it. Tens of millions of people acquired deeper layers of disgust for American TV News this past year than they thought could exist. But the Broadcast Boomers still have not a clue.

While pretending to be just your average friendly reporter, many personalities in the American Mass Broadcast Media demonstrated to the world an amazing lack of historical perspective and depth of subject by insulting entire nations of people with flip comments like "the French are just being French". They thought nothing about being presumptive know-it-alls while driving millions of Americans to use the internet to find more objective sources of more comprehensive news. From provocation such as this and many others, one of the great casualties of this nouveau-jingo era will be the Mass Broadcast Newscasters.

Wolf Blitzer: Master Media Sorcerer Teaches Sunday School On How To Invent The News

A good example of manufacturing the news by "selection" was probably Wolf Blitzer's Sunday Late Edition on CNN on February 16, 2003. His show was then formatted to assay what was the most important news of the week and from this to provide an objective overview on the issues of the week, drawing from various knowledgeable people or from those directly involved in the events.

It was a very heavy news week but it was easy to pick out the main blows. Without a doubt, the most important news of the week was related to Iraq and the main news was the collapse of international and domestic support for an U.S. invasion of Iraq to disarm Saddam. This left the Bush administration isolated domestically and internationally. Adding to the isolation, Bill Clinton, in a prominent release, rejected unilateralism and issued a call for working with a legitimate consensus in the U.N.

Senator Byrd, in probably the most important and grandest speech of his life, delivered a speech in the Senate lambasting the Bush administration for gross incompetence. He claimed that severe international damage was being inflicted on long term American interests and he issued a grim report to the nation and the Democrats. He warned that 30 years of bilateralism in foreign policy had utterly collapsed.

The international scene was truly dramatic. Belgium, France, Germany, and Russia rejected Bush's call for using force in Iraq and began outlining plans to significantly expand surveillance in Iraq for at least the next six months. On Saturday, peace party anti-war demonstrations in over 600 cities around the world mobilized 10 million or more marchers to reject cooperation with the U.S. Imperial Faction. Not least, Blair re-iterated at least three times that he now supported going to war in Iraq only under a U.N. Mandate.

Wolf Blitzer, without hesitation or self-doubt, virtually ignored all of these developments, providing only two very short interviews with French and German ambassadors, badgering them with presumptive questions about why their nations were hindering American efforts to disarm Saddam. He promptly ignored their answers, as if he had finished with some formal need to provide balance and objectivity. He then returned to the main theme of his two hours on the air: interviews and news clips from the cold warriors of the military industrial complex, most of whom proclaimed that the time was up and war was inevitable in a matter of a FEW WEEKS.

With this particular show, which was so at variance with the real news, set in the midst of the powerful anti-war currents, Blitzer inadvertently revealed why the Mass Broadcasters had been cheerleading the inevitability of a war in Iraq for the past several months. Their editors knew something which we did not know, and they were not willing to tell us forthrightly about it. They already knew an invasion was certain and they were on duty promoting "an atmosphere of support" for it.

In other words, it was plainly obvious that Sunday in February that the Mass Broadcast Media, as a group, using a combination of selection and omission techniques, had been lying to the American public and the world and they were not about to stop their lying despite the fact that millions of people were demonstrating in the streets of the world against the invasion.

Blitzer and his crowd mainly demonstrated that an highly self-centered "media ego bubble" on the Eastern Seaboard had turned Bush's fantasy of war against the "Axis of Evil" into a mass hallucination broadcast to large numbers of people in the space of less than one year. Reality did not matter and was not news. Only the fantasy mattered, styled in the new jingoism of Manifest Destiny IV. Rather sadly, the Blitzer broadcast exhibited the extent to which the Imperial Faction had succeeded in co-opting government and media in Washington DC and New York.

The strength and size of this shared "ego bubble" (which is strongest apparently among the yuppie class in large East Coast cities and the corporate jet-set, including a great portion of the employees of mass broadcast companies) directly demonstrates the incredible power of right wing mantras ("time is up", "war is inevitable", "Saddam is evil", etc.) which had been repeated endlessly by Bush and the Imperial Faction for the past year.

Goebbels, the Nazi architect of propaganda for the New World Order in the "New German Millennium", would be in awe. No, he would be in shock. The Mass Hysteria Broadcast Spin Shysters, most especially CNN and FOX, repeated the mantras endlessly, with great visual flourishes, martial music clips, and vast quantities of supporting filler material, ranging from large numbers of TV ads for extremely violent movies and TV shows, along with hundreds if not thousands of hours of war machine footage, troop movement news, and so on.

This programming cannot be considered to be news casting. And it is definitely not MERELY entertainment. As we can plainly see, after 20 years of progressive consolidation of national media news companies from 50 companies to only 10 major ones (some say 8), American broadcast journalism has very nearly died as a credible professional activity. Perhaps it might more appropriately be called Mass Hypnosis but that does not get close enough to the sinister aspect of this massive effort to manipulate a huge population with all the powers known and practiced by Madison Avenue Advertising Agencies.

Perhaps "Mass Sorcery" gets closer to the truth. The more one looks at the patterns in these networks, the more many of the ludicrously over-paid, self-designated media idols now easily can be seen to be as manipulative as the liars they interview. Perhaps it was when CNN adapted the slogan "The Most Trusted Name In News" that Orwellian Sorcery began there as a conscious activity. Perhaps that was the time to realize that CNN had just become the name to most distrust, along with all "news" channels, and that broadcast journalism has very nearly died as a credible professional activity.

The bias of the Broadcast Media is especially obvious where their denial can be seen and cut with a knife. For the first ten weeks of 2003, the Broadcast Media pretended that there was a big question mark about the outcome of the U.N. Security Council vote. Each day they grasped at straws as to which country might or might not veto the Bush/Blair proposed resolution. Stories were broadcast almost daily about whether or not or how in fact the U.S. might get nine votes to pass its non-war declaration of war.

But all of this was a self-created denial of what is going on, or perhaps it was an "obfuscation" of what was going on. Only the reporters and anchors of the American Mass Broadcast Media "didn't seem to know" or APPEARED "not to know". The reality, which is nearly proven by Blitzer's mid February 2003 Sunday show, is that there was no mystery about it at all for weeks, perhaps months before the "time was up".

Most of the countries had all made plain their attitudes well before February. It was clear that only four or six votes could be found in favor of the U.S. position. Even as the Broadcast Media told this "story" as a question mark, Wolf Blitzer's smug mid-February broadcast made it clear that at least some news people in the channels already knew from "sources" somewhere that the war really was "inevitable".

All of the drama of the unknown about who was going to do what next was just the War Hysteria Media's hook and crook for creating mass viewership for the latest "thriller suspense" in the play of Manifest Destiny IV. Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment. More probable than not, for nearly a month the War Hysteria Sorcerers were selling the American public a completely bogus story.

The "war to eliminate weapons of mass destruction", which was reported uncountable times from this slant, was probably the biggest bogus story of all, probably the biggest bogus story of the past 30 years, probably the most egregiously cynical bogus story since Lyndon Johnson's Texas-sized fibs about the Gulf of Tonkin. No nuclear, biological, chemical, or other forbidden weapons have been found in Iraq. In the end, it was always about Bush and Saddam, not terror, and it probably is also about oil, just like a great many Eurasians will forthrightly tell you.

Doubtless MAJOR PORTIONS of the American Mass Broadcast Media have been revealed to be not just lousy news channels whom the left dismisses as lapdogs of the politicians or as pandering, corporated war whores. "Lapdogs" as a descriptor does not get nearly close enough to the dark forces at play. They are much more into the manipulative arts, working more as Sorcerers who have been busy casting an "evil hypnotic spell" toward war this past year in support of the Imperial Faction.

As one would imagine of sorcerers, one of their primary accomplishments is the cultivation of Great Presence, all the better to serve their Great Pretense of profoundly pontificating on dominion and power and the one world superpower "uber alles" (German for "over all of us", used as an hypnotic mantra by the Nazis). Unfortunately it would seem that the time spent cultivating their "presence" has come at the expense of their brains.

The Precipitous Loss Of Credibility

The great success of the American Mass Broadcast Media in creating and delivering the invasion of Iraq on George Bush's platter has brought forth much else as well. As the purveyor of such incredulous lies, the Mass Broadcast Media has brought the fatal demise of its own credibility among huge numbers of Americans and people around the world.

In retrospect, looking back at the long play of Manifest Destiny since World War II, some of the ludicrously overpaid Mass Broadcast lapdogs and war whores have been dutifully serving up American jingoism since Vietnam. But it is the issues related to what they have done with their electronic Sorcery in helping Bush which stinks and will continue to stink in the history books for a very long time. They have helped Bush violate both national and international law while diverting the international War on Terrorism" into an imperious U.S. invasion of Iraq.

How can we avoid wondering if the people who control and manage these news networks are compatible with civilized democracy and representative institutions? It seems dubious at this time in history. Some people are mounting major legal campaigns against the Bush administration to hold him and his henchmen accountable for making war illegally. They ought as well to go after the Sorcerers who engineered the climate of opinion to make it all possible. Perhaps the greater part of the current coterie of media management and editorial control in the American Mass Broadcast Industry should be summarily replaced by people who are 20 years older and have much broader historical perspective. Or any random selection of Grandmothers from North Dakota or Iowa, who doubtless have superior ethics and a much keener sense of why half the things many politicians say is phony.

Inevitably, like all bubbles, this current bubble play of Manifest Destiny IV will crash. Somewhere, somehow, something or somebody will prick the bubble and Bush with all of his men and all of his horses, along with many of the pundits in the Mass Broadcast Media, will come crashing down to Earth. Eventually they too will have to deal with reality along with everyone else. The question is, when? The story line for the media, is "how".

Perhaps the incompetence of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq will cause a long slow deflation as people gradually lose confidence in Bush's competence. Perhaps bellicose actions against Syria or Iran will prove too much. Perhaps stupid remarks by agents of the Imperial Faction will rebound against Bush and cause a cascade of reactions which reveal too much for the public to stand. Or perhaps organized political activity among the Democrats, the Greens, or even among outraged Conservatives in the Republican party, will cause enough damage to the bubble to dethrone the Imperial Proconsul. Or perhaps the hypnotic veil over the lies will gradually wear thin just enough to enable enough people to wake up to vote Republicans out of office.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it will be the Big Lie itself about the "weapons of mass destruction". They still can't find them as of July 1, 2003 and the mass media is getting increasingly twitchy about that. During late June and early July, finally, many news venues, even Wolf Blitzer, began to explore the question of the "weapons of mass deception". The Boomer Apostles began to question their faith in old "Wartime". They began to present the possibility that the entire war had been predicated on conscious acts of deception. Perhaps exposure of this failed Big Lie will begin unraveling the wicked webs of the Imperial Faction.

Perhaps some portions of the Broadcast Mass Media will partially redeem itself by genuinely examining and communicating what is really going on. They will find it fairly simple to do. All they have to do is take up and copy what major portions of the print media have already begun, a serious exposure of the lying ways of the Imperial Faction and how it manipulates the press to deceive the American people.

Perhaps it will all come down to the forged 'uranium cake' documents. What did you really know Mr. President? And when did you know it? Who covered up the CIA objection? And who was he working for? The truth is, the plain simple truth is, Richard Nixon's dishonesty was a high school prank compared to the culture of disception, lying, and manipulation which has sprung up around the current Republican administration.

The Rise Of The Global Media

No one can predict how the bubble will break nor when but it is probably safe to say that the new internet-news media will play a considerable role. The American Mass Broadcast Media and the Imperial Faction accentuated and accelerated mightily the development of a world trend which is well worth examining. Intuitively, tens of millions began to see that TV News is heavily manipulated, even more so than in the past, by political propaganda. To find out the real news, millions of people began to use the internet to seek out new media sources which could provide more complete information from other perspectives.

They were not disappointed. The unedited newsfeeds from UPI, AP, ITN, and others could be easily accessed from Yahoo and many other free sites. Better yet, many new sites on the web specialized in analyzing the agit-prop slants, omissions, and selective, ahem, "storytelling" which appeared in various portion of the mass media.

As well, many major newspapers in nations around the world now have English language versions of their papers on the internet. The slower print media was still thinking, was still doing news as news, and still offered a variety of opinions and interpretations about what was happening. Collectively, the world's print media were not shy about reporting international events from diverse angles. If one looked, the American drive to Baghdad could be seen from a far less nationalistic, more disinterested, appropriately skeptical point of view.

By comparing the various approaches to the world news from various sources and nations, it was much easier to see than ever before that the headlines in the Mass Broadcast Media were hackneyed and slanted, often dumbed down for moranic levels of thinking along nationalistic "slants" .

The new "internet-media" which is gestating through the internet is generally less nationalistic and more international in perspective. Russian, French, Pakistani, Egyptian (to name just a few) perspectives on current affairs are now as readily available to citizen households as the old fashioned wire services which used to spoon feed national and international news items very carefully only to newspapers and radio/TV broadcasters.

New perspectives, new institutions, new personalities, new politics, all will flow inevitably from this shift of attention to the internet-media as a primary source of "perspective" news. These new internet "sources" and methods of communication will no doubt have a profound impact on sustaining new content for the rapidly expanding satellite/cable channels which are appearing around the world. How else are reporters and editors going to acquire content, check facts, and pull a variety of sources together for the new wave global journalism?

As Marshall McLuhan observed a few decades ago "the medium is the massage" which shapes the social and economic agendas. As this "agenda" setting power flows through a plethora of new trans-cultural media sources, all national and international politics will change. As the old fixation on a nationalistic "American" point of view breaks down, what is "news" becomes more "planetary". As the news becomes more planetary, people on all the continents begin to have a hand in setting the "agenda" of what is "in the news". And thusly many cultures are beginning to shape the common awareness around the globe of what is truly happening.

We are in fact seeing this "change" happen now more strongly and rapidly than ever before. The current Bush-induced polarization in the world is accelerating the formation of both the emergence of a world climate of opinion and the rise of the new media, both of which are reactionary against Bush's support of the Imperial Faction.

This is an incredibly healthy development. We are seeing quite clearly, for example, that the internet is the primary reason why a new climate of opinion for peace, justice, decency, and equality is being generated all around the Earth. Without the internet, it is doubtful that the peace movement would have emerged so quickly and powerfully to challenge the presumptions of the Imperial Faction.

Irony of ironies, the internet is the child of the Pentagon which engineered the system to enable the military-industrial complex to efficiently communicate and coordinate research and development activities. Now it is peace movements and open international intelligence-sharing which are waltzing around the old barriers of space and time to coordinate the emergence of planetary perspectives. Central Casting must be having a good laugh.

As can now be seen abundantly, while dot-com wannabe billionaires were generating a thousand unwanted commercial sites, the internet was busy being transformed into a huge, strong, literary, mostly non-commercial, trans-cultural community of common interest and news. The dot-com greed puked failure all over itself during the past few years but the shared information sources and communication links have blossomed luxuriantly. For every failed commercial web site, a thousand websites sprang up to share the creation of a large variety of news channels, information repositories, data analysis sites, and public interaction and transaction modalities. The "successful" part of the internet is rather quite like as the pioneers of the internet imagined and intended before scamsters tried to invent ways to "own" and "sell" cyberspace.

Many of the new internet media are heavily cause-oriented, ranging from neolithic reactionaries to radical anarchism. A large number of peace and justice movement groups can be found now appearing all around the globe in many languages.

"Internet activism" along more practical lines, for community, trade, and a great many special interest focus groups probably will continue to increase exponentially. Hundreds of thousands of "groups" are emerging which link small numbers of people in local areas to global networks along all dimensions of interest and concern at many levels of participation. The internet revolution has hardly even begun to match the creativity and desires of humanity.

As this activity blossoms, indeed even as it has already blossomed during the past year alone, the slants, selections, and omissions which make up the claims and games of national elites are being eclipsed in favor of universal values and perspectives. In this new internet "Global Village", all local news and TV network monopolies are "busted". The best efforts of dozens of reporters and news organizations can be scanned and many angles on events are easily found. Hundreds of websites offering specialized expertise or highly focused perspectives and analyses are easy to find. Many of them, like the Russian intelligence analyst's daily news on the "real" progress of the invasion of Iraq, which appeared for a short while before being shut down by unnamed pressures, could be found to be amazingly good, true treasures in a sea of American news mediocrity.

This experience was broadly shared around the world that it fundamentally changed the news habits of millions of people and directly shaped the sudden emergence of the anti-war movement. With a much longer "vision" about what was happening and how various political and media leaders were manipulating masses of people, peace activists were able to put two and two together well before the war and began the first anti-war mass movements to march before events had actually created the war. They created new corners in the internet to operate a collectively shared tool for creating peace and sharing new international perspectives for a truly world view.

Millions of people who support a strong international movement towards peace and international justice have become aware of each other's mutual presence and support around the world across all national boundaries. This awareness blossemed through direct connections to the internet and partly from access to global media sources far beyond the blinders of American editors.

The "Global Village", which Arthur C. Clarke described 40 years ago, has begun to emerge on digital wings. Stimulated by worldwide media attention to the War on Terror and the availability of prodigious quantities of information on the internet about the drive to war in Iraq, a mutual sense of a shared world climate of opinion, above and beyond nationalistic identities, is growing among Europeans, Muslims, Asians, and North Americans.

By mutually opposing the invasion of Iraq around the world, great numbers of people have experienced a permanent shift in consciousness to this global level of focus. They also have become aware of the growing movement of hundreds of millions of people into this same global consciousness which desires to make peace, not war. This shift in consciousness accelerated substantially the ability of peace and social justice movements in countries all around the globe to parallel and coordinate their activities and events. The internet permitted this newly emerging consciousness to gain strength and parallel new events and information throughout the world within a matter of hours and a few days.

This awareness and electronic linkage greatly expanded the demonstration of worldwide opposition to the Imperial Faction's plans in Iraq. We can only conclude that internet media will continue to play a major role in sustaining and fueling the growth of opposition to Manifest Destiny IV. Indeed, this same dynamic is likely to create rapid opposition to the activities of any country which undertakes an aggressive path towards violence. Self-seeking will now evermore find its old manners of rationalization and propagandizing less and less convincing in a world where a multitude of informed third parties can provide alternative points of view directly to anyone, anywhere, across all national boundaries.

One can easily suspect that five years from now analysts may argue that the crystallization of the internet into a new news medium and political coordination tool for millions of people was one of the greatest long term impacts of the Imperial Faction's jingoism, a highly positive outgrowth which helped humanity grow past an ugly era.

This phenomenon, which is doubtless as significant as the PC revolution, has barely begun. It will grow greatly and transmute in a variety of entirely unforeseeable ways. Because of the powerful "agenda setting" effects of this democratized mass consciousness, people working through the internet are highly likely to profoundly affect the economics of the next several years, the nature of the "Wall", and the process of recovery on the other side.

Accordingly, it is most likely essential to keep this long term world trend in one's consciousness as one casts about to find how to survive the coming times. The internet will likely have major impacts on the new industries which will lead the recovery and the internet will doubtless help job seekers, professionals, and investors to find new economic opportunities in the recovery industries for those who need them.


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